Three justices to the Supreme


Three justices to the Supreme Court. Ah, legacy that will last long after Trump is gone three years of economic prosperity, a record setting stock market. And he broke her historic deals to normalize relations between Israel and four Arab countries and vice President Mike Pence, said our administration Is the first administration in decades that did not get America into a new war. So with the passage of time, could those accomplishments balance out the negatives? Sure, But you've never seen a president who has had so many downsides to so few upsides, and I think the downsides are so overwhelming in this administration that you'll never see them be overcome by a few accomplishment. Donald Trump's time in the White House may have been unlike anything we've seen, but a one term president is not in the last 40 years. Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush both served just a single term. Then they devoted themselves to humanitarian causes. Most of these ex presidents used their library foundation to actually do wonderful things. But Jimmy Carter has done in Africa has been fabulous. George H. W. Bush made a point of using it for learning and affiliated with Texas A and M and having constant program sound there. They did a fabulous job. But former president Trump has not announced plans for a presidential library or center. Could he instead be looking to follow the path of Grover Cleveland? He lost his bid for reelection in 18 88, but one

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