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Not been. Staff got high cocks, his right arm gets by pressure. He cocks and throws on the run in complete short passing are deep in the middle of the end zone just inside the goal line for the double team, Davante Adams, So it's fourth and goal. Here comes the Green Bay Field goal unit with 209 to go and the Packers trailing 31 23. Now one was just the opposite to me. Now he gets out of the pocket and it looked like maybe he has a chance to run for it there and then. Tries to fit back in inside, throwing it back inside amongst two defenders thought he might have been better off taking a shot with run. Crosby, a 26 yard field goal. Basically a windless night. Little chip shot here to our left is up in the field goal by Green Bay is good, so they do get some out of it. The big play was 29 Yard. Completion to the wide receiver Marquis felled is canceling 29 yard completion sets up the field goal. 26 in a new score from Green Bay, 205 to go in the game. The Buccaneers 31 the Packers 26. You're listening to the NFC Championship game on Westwood one. 2020

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