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Just garrett met as missionaries for their church who lived in vladivostok russia. When you're on a church mission. It's not really a time to date or flirt or go out with anybody. Geared had a girlfriend back at home who is like riding him every single week religiously. He was very serious about her and geared i. We were good friends on in russia. We taught english club together. But kinda dating anybody from this time is not really like it was a strongly frowned upon the equivalent of being none in a priest and not being allowed to date day or anything of this so they spent two years in russia just being friends nothing else they swear. And after their missions jessica went home to colorado and garett went home to utah and even though we were friends we spoke ella on the phone between utah to colorado once we got back from russia because we wanted to talk about our time in russia is all just kinda the makings for us to build a very strong relationship before we started dating which eventually we came back together at brigham young university in utah and both going to school there. That's when we started to finally date garrett actually came out to colorado that summer and one of our very first dates was to this russian festival in downtown denver. Like you're going to go to a russian and we just loved it. We share in common and it was really special to us jessica. Exactly what i wanted just goes the most forward dating human ever was she was. It was my first night in colorado. That you kiss me yet. It was our second date that we were out to dinner and she said word for word. I'm probably going to marry you so it was kind of out of my hands. I really had no choice. I really no say in the. It's the we dated for around six months. We got engaged and then we married vise after the. Yeah so. I mean start to finish at least after our missions was less than a year. Yes so pretty fast. Did formally propose and jessica somewhere in our dating being as forward. Speaking as she always was she had laid out her guidelines in rules on how to propose just how to propose. It was how not to propose right. It was. don't do it in public. Don't sing the asong. Don't play an and don't do it with a pumpkin. And harry potter premier turnover that one kimber now and he did like three of the key. I maybe maybe had jessica dated neulander and really gotten to know me. She known as soon as you tell me not to do something. It just encourages me to do exactly that so yeah i think i did three out of the five. I rewrote the word to the jason. Mraz song i'm yours. I learned how to play that song on the piano while singing at myself. And i did it at a piano bar in southern california so you're just broke all the rules still said yes opie s. I'm a terrible musician. He's terrible even worse finger. And there's no pumpkin. No pumpkins act just can garrett got married in utah. It was small sweet. We were so poor when we got married it was just. We didn't really know it at the time and like so didn't feel like a poor wedding. I think we paid two thousand three hundred dollars for our entire wedding and it wasn't until we got older and started to like meet other people in here about the budgets that went behind their weddings that we realized that ours definitely on the cheap. Where just because mom and her mom's friend like cooked all the food for all the guests but it was really fun like we had all the people we love all of our family and friends their here and his very best buddies made up a dance lake day on for me at the wedding. That was fun and then and then the whole wedding. Just kinda turn into a dance party so it was super fun by jessica said we are quite broke at the time inside. Remember when we left our wedding reception to go to. We're gonna do one night in a hotel in salt lake city utah and then the next morning. Leave for our honeymoon On a cruise to hawaii. And i remember leaving the wedding taking the gift basket that had like cards. That people have given us hoping that there was either cash or checks in there so that we could have some spending money on our honeymoon. Like that's how broke. We were when we first got married. Garrett's mom had gotten us a great deal on a cruise around the hawaiian islands. It was winning the brand of the celebrity cruise. It was seven days around the hawaiian islands and then five days sale up to vancouver canada but it was it was a specific cruise line. That's for other people. And i mean like the average age on this boat was probably seventy five eighty five saw. I mean for real is you would have like wheelchairs walkers outside each elevator floor so that you could drop off your walker. Get on the elevator and get a new one at the next floor so it really old and and all of them. All of the workers were either like these young australian blondes the girls where everybody else are these young filipinos so everyone thought that we were like the crew. Kinda run off together. I doubt on during that cruise. Line honeymoon. I had three different people. Come up to me that were also guest on this show and tell me like. Excuse me sir I spill my drink over there. In the first time it happened. I was like oh dang. I'm sorry that that sucks a. I don't know what you're telling me though. And then i realized oh you think i'm a worker and there have been three different times on that on our honeymoon. The two of them were married college students for a few years. And then they moved to san francisco for garrett's tech startup. it was a company called scan. He was fortunate enough to sell the startup to to snapchat and we had actually moved out to los angeles. We thought we were going to be in los angeles like four or five years. We were really excited. And after a few months of working at snapchat. Gary quickly realized that he doesn't do well working for other people and it just didn't feel right and he actually wanted to go back and finish playing collegiate soccer at byu so kind of the deal. I kinda felt like that was maybe a little bit going backwards. I love my time in utah. But i was so excited to be out moving on and living in la so we kinda had this compromise where we said okay you can go finish one more season a soccer and then i get to choose what we do next and i had said i wanna do. A little bit of travel and guarantee doesn't do anything halfway so a little bit of travel turned into selling everything traveling around the world for what we thought was going to be four or five months and then that four or five months turned into three years of full time travel. You know five years later. Seventy eight countries later another child later at just it kind of evolved into what it is but it didn't necessarily start off. That wasn't the plan. Initially i guess that moment right there. That was the start of the bucket list family. Garrett had sold his startup but he didn't want to use any of the prophets for their travels. That's why they sold everything. The two of them agreed that it was important to save their money so after selling all their stuff they had forty five thousand dollars to travel the world garrett started thinking beyond that before

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