A highlight from Nigerian Stock Exchange Leads Global Stock Market In Performance

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Off the on. Campus radio on june stock exchange all-share index closing forming a growth of forty seven point two percent and off the year. Thirteen ten is the highest on earth since twenty thirteen the most among ninety three index is tracked by bloomberg the average at twenty thousand eight hundred eighty two point zero seven sold thirty thousand four point three one s out wednesday while markets customization jumped from twelve point. Nine six nine naira. To twenty point six trillion nine entities malkin has been winding on the fixed income and renewed interest by domestic investors out ripple rock. It's significant portion of the growth has reported in with the market. Appreciate twelve point eight percent. Investors appetite for risk assets remains shrunk to yield on fixed income instruments. Was the knees on this time on africa business review. You can continue to listen. Live with mine and stop. Ww dot africa. Business radio dot com. Thank you for listening. Am rachel did.

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