Vogue faces backlash over Kamala Harris cover photo derided as too casual

Daily Pop


Kamala. Harris is on the cover of vogue controversy so the magazine released two covers featuring the vice president elect social media sounded off saying the pictures looked washed out and that one with her Wearing the dark suit in the conver- seekers a lot of people thought that was way too casual. Will the vote team says it felt the more informal picture captures her authentic a nature. I'm outta time. Just what do you think of all this I think that everybody has gone from infectious disease. Experts to constitutional experts. Now they're creative directors and magazine houses. Everyone is always upset about a magazine. Cover remember when harry styles out and address. People were outraged. I think for kamala harris. She and her team pick this outfit. They wanted to omaha to her relaxed nature and also her sorority. And i think they're happy with this so funny. How many people probably go through just to pick that outfit. I mean like her entire team. The entire vogue team like everybody sounded off on. It ends like they still get backlash. So sometimes you just can't win the biggest seller ever. Yeah it wasn't. I don't think i'm harris. Vo cover was necessarily about the fashion. I think that's the first cover that it was focused more things.

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