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Israel Story


Hey guys it's me. She on friday morning would they. An passed away a month in a day shy of her one hundred and fourth birthday old was a farmer a social activist businesswoman fashion entrepreneur an peace activist for thirty seven years. She was the wife of moshe dayan until the day she died. She was the matriarch of the clan often referred to as the israeli. Kennedy's her story was in many ways. The story of the state of israel. She belonged to a group of people. Now mostly gone. Who were born into an entirely different reality and who through hard work strong conviction and wholehearted dedication will state into existence in shaped its course she was too many in israeli icon but i was among the lucky ones who was also a friend and five years ago. I traveled with her to malta to visit her. Dear friend. amanda tar heel today in celebration of votes long meaningful and impactful life we replay this story of an improbable friendship between two women who came from the most prominent dynasties in the region families that for decades or more often than not on opposite sides of wars military operations in violence from our twenty sixteen episode besties. Here is our in our

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