More data needed before giving just one vaccine dose


From ABC News, a milestone in getting the Corona virus vaccine out. This is a big David, We're back. This is three weeks. Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, with health care care workers workers getting getting their their second second shop, shop, completing completing the the vaccination vaccination against against the the Corona Corona virus, virus, but but there there have have been been calls calls for for the the dose dose is is being being held held for for the the second second shot shot to to be be given given out out to to people people as as the the first first shop. shop. The argument that more people will get at least some protection. But Health and human Services Secretary Alex Cesar tells ABC News. The data just isn't there to support that, and we're not going to do that. We're holding and reserve that second dose because we believe we need to go according to what the FBI has said is the Safe and effective way to use these vaccines and ABC News Medical contributor Doctor A locked hotel agrees just giving out one shot instead of two. We're going against what the end points were in the clinical trial, and there are assumptions about how long this immunity could last from just one shot. I really do hope that this is considered, he says. Giving people first shots without the second one available

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