Trump pressures Georgia top election official to 'find' votes and overturn Biden victory in phone call


Start then with the Washington Post newspaper because they have made public a recorded telephone conversation in which President Trump is heard putting pressure on Georgia's top election official to overturn his defeat in the state. President elect Joe Biden won the state 11,779 votes. Now, in the hour long call between Mr Trump on Brad Raffles Burger, Georgia's secretary of state, Mr Trump made a number of unsubstantiated claims of vote rigging. I mean, they noticed him to find the one extra vote that would give him a victory. Well, I want to do is this I just wanna find 11,780. Votes, which is one more that we have. Because we want to say so. So tell me. Red. What are we going to do? We won the election and it's not fair to take it away from us like this. On. It's going to be very costly in many ways. Well. The conversation on Saturday was seen as the latest step in an unprecedented effort by a sitting president to pressurize a state official traverse the outcome off an election. As I said it was The Washington Post that got hold of the recording, and I've been speaking to Mark Vicious Sr Editor of the newspaper. His extraordinary in that a sitting president of the United States is putting pressure on state officials to as he puts it, re calculate the vote find him enough votes to win an election that he lost at the same time. It is entirely predictable and very much in concert with the way Donald Trump has behaved throughout his life. When things do not go his way, he will do anything to avoid being tagged as a loser. It's a long conversation he's having with Fellow Republican Brad Reference Burger, the Georgia secretary of state, talk us through what he says how he appeals to him and what he's asking him to do. He pushes him more or less the way we might expect a mob boss to push his underlings in a Hollywood movie about Organized crime. And he's asking the chief elections official in that state to negate the voice of the people who voted there and come up with new numbers based on a bunch of species conspiracy theories, Trump repeatedly and almost in coherently spelled out that votes had been destroyed or elections machines had been stolen or destroyed. And the Georgia official the secretary of state wrappings Burger, who his Himself a Republican, pushed back at every turn and said, No, Mr President, This is not true. This did not happen and what he's asking. Find him, 11,000 or so. Votes. Now that demand in itself is that illegal? Well, it's certainly illegal to tamper with the results of an election. And he's asking for exactly that. Is the president on the phone call committing a crime by making the ask. That's certainly for lawyers or eventually, a court to say. But there any number of voices in both parties who are now saying that president has committed acts here that are worth investigating, and perhaps worth bringing criminal charges. Highly unlikely that that would happen, But nonetheless, there's a great deal of upset. We're seeing an enormous amounts of attention paid to this story. And this is a president issuing threats I know from having written his biography that back when he was a businessman, he routinely made these kinds of threats that he would bring lawsuits against intense people that he would bring them up on criminal charges that he would make their lives difficult or impossible. So this is his pattern, but to hear it on tape from sitting president His number less shocking. I'm here. He has a couple more weeks in office. It looks as though on the basis of this recorded conversation. He isn't going to leave office quietly. Well, we don't know whether he will actually relieve the White House on January 20th, as the law requires him to do. He has always said that he will certainly leave if he loses. But of course, he's not admitting that he's lost if you look at these pattern in life When he does lose in a big way. He tends to slink away steaming and foaming and fulminating. And just as we watched over these last couple of months, so he will go down fighting. He always does. But when push comes to shove, he tends to just go away. Now this is a historic moment. Whether he will have to be asked to leave. The building will simply have to wait and see. Mark Fisher, the senior editor of the Washington Post. And just to let you know that since the third of November vote, of course, Mr Trump has been alleging widespread electoral fraud without providing any evidence. 50 states. All of them have now satisfied the election results. Some of the recounts and legal appeals, and so far the U. S courts have rejected 60 challenges to Mr Joe Biden's win and Congress is due to formally approve the election result. In just two days time.

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