A highlight from Youll need a COVID-19 vaccine shot first to do anything

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Nineteen vaccine i and the article basically goes on to say. Let me just read a little bit of the article here Excuse me the article goes on to say. It's been nearly a year. Since the wuhan corona virus was introduced into the united states and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel according to dr. Anthony vouch. -i who along with bill gates and the rest of the globalist cabal is promising to open everything back up and twenty twenty two. Now this could change just like fao cheese definition of if you should wear masks folks or if you should not wear masks whose fao kind of in and out in and out. He's i i think i know he's about eight years old now. He just had a birthday. he's getting to the point. I'm wondering if he's losing his mind a little bit Because they're changing their mind. The cdc's changing their mind. The who's changing their mind. These people are in this and it's all about control and so a lot of people don't realize that okay. Let me get back into the article here. Just a second folks Perhaps so as long as americans agreed just to get vaccinated with one Donald trump's operation warp speed jabs the injection with either fiso or mcdermot covid. Nineteen vaccine is now being dangled as a carrot in front of a desperate nation that craves to return to normal including healthy interaction. Refuse to take the jab and continue to live in a mask. Isolation says the establishment. Take it and be given the keys to the kingdom. The choice is yours so this is basically what they're doing is this has been the start of the global ball the elite The these The george soros the rockefeller the rockefeller excuse me. The builder burns the people that really run the world folks. They want to depopulate. And i know that sounds scary. I have people right away all eric and all there you go. You're creating fear your fear you know. Stop and and stop with the fear porn it. It's not fear we're living in every day. I'm very lucky and very blessed to be down here. In a state of the state of florida folks where the restrictions aren't quite as stringent down here in the state of florida the governor rhonda santa's knows the constitution because he served in the military is a jag. Officer actually is what i was reading up about. governor to santa's and he knows the constitution and he knows the ramifications of violating the constitution's the all the the people's personal freedoms an amendments. So that's what you have to understand. Different states governor out there in california Gavin newsom total maniac. Lock in everybody down. He's there crushing. This is what the global ball is ideas to crush things to crush the economy to crush the entire world to force people to submit. That's what this is all about. It's all about submission. It's all about command and control submission depopulation get rid of as many people as possible and then they'll go to the next step which eventually be the mark of the beast down the road but this is what they wanna do and people say. Oh you're crazy you're crazy now.

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