Thirty-two NFL Awards


Every week on this podcast given out. Nfl awards app. The week is over. This could be a bit ambitious but thirty two teams thirty two awards. Let's go we're gonna call this one the best six and ten team of all time award but the washington football team stepped up so now he renamed it already way to change the word on the fly in the moment with breaking news the best seven and nine team of all time award the washington football team now can we say that definitively it may be too early to say last year tampa atlanta both went seventy nine. Those teams didn't even make the playoffs so the early lean is that washington could be the great one of all time. But we don't know yet. Speaking of that game. The clockwork orange award goes to the new york giants because they had to watch i at one point. This season banned myself from nfc east games. I said i wouldn't watch any until the teams are over five hundred. I watch step drop sixty two instead of being super locked into washington philadelphia. And i don't feel like i miss much. I know there's a lot of controversy would get that. Maybe a little bit later but imagine having your eyeballs taped open like clockwork orange and being a member of the giants having to watch that game. Nate sub-field now. Look we can sit here and be upset about it but you could have gone seven nine and got into the playoffs. So how sorry. Can you really feel for the giants the skeletons on the zahara award. Yes some of these awards. We referenced. his some won't get boy when you do get a weird one. You're gonna go man. I get that all right. That award goes to the. Las vegas raiders. Because at the beginning it looked promising. Nice little boat trip trade. Some spices await were crashing into rocks. Not a big deal here. Some locals gathering on the beach here to help nope now. We're marching to our own death in africa so it was very pro gruden. Hey maybe this gruden guy knows what he's doing and then you're like wait. Does this actually suck again. The drought continues. The raiders have not won a playoff game. Since two thousand to the notre dame award that goes to the green bay packers great record high green. Bay's really good. They're thirteen three though the one seat but nobody outside of their own fan base is rooting for this team. Not only because of the history of hatred. Although i imagine there's way more anti notre dame stuff out there than it is anti green bay but no one trusts you. Yes you're thirteen and three but that's three. Nfc conference championship game losses in the six seasons. A couple down years. They've turned this thing around. They are the one seed. But everybody's kind of overt already before. It's even started the parent's weekend award that goes to the new orleans saints. You guys know the deal parents weekend. There's a dad he wants to stay out with you guys. And he's older he's a little beat up and you're like i don't know like we're going to go out. We can't say no. We respect him too much. It doesn't look great. Doesn't make a ton of sense on paper there's some bad stats in there. But you have to let them do it. You have to let them try and the thing is is you and your buddies like there's no way does this is going to end well. The iceman award that goes to the dallas cowboys man and dangerous. What is with this jolt. A don't let us get hot. This is insanity when this was part of the story lines throughout the cowboys broadcast. Yes you on three in a row. Cincinnati san francisco and philadelphia yay. Then you lost the giants at home. You came in eleventh in the nfc but if you were to get in look out. This is now. It's our time you were eleventh in your own conference dangerous. You had sixteen games to prove that you're only dangerous to your fan. Base is or perhaps the understanding of what the word danger beans the g. league award san francisco forty niners. They had twenty eight players. At one point on i r or another injury cova list which was most in the league. They use the most. I are slots. They lost the most games to injury in the nfl. And even with losing record my coach. kyle shanahan. i can't believe how competitive they were. All season law the dabble award. That goes to kirk cousins in the vikings bike. He's gonna win. Nah no one really cares are one in five star people already over this team so their disappointing season was so disappointing so early that it was just all of a sudden just completely off the radar even though they turn some things around there a bit in the middle of the season with dalvin cook but watching cousins dance reminded me of daboh announcing his tiktok account hickory vickery dot mouse ran up the clock coast. Sweeney's got that drill and now he's on tiktok.

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