South Africa Halts Planned Rollout of AstraZeneca Vaccine

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Astrazeneca's plans to roll out. Its cove nineteen vaccine in south. Africa have been put on a temporary hold. The country made the decision after a small. Clinical trial found a dozen to protect people against mild and moderate illness from a new fast spreading strain first detected in the country. The journals gabrielle. Steinhaeuser has more from johannesburg. What they're going to do is they're gonna kind of smaller rollout two hundred thousand people and then follow them and get the evidence that we're missing right now which is finding out this the vaccine limit or prevent severe illness and they're going to measure it by looking at how many people at the hospital off one hundred thousand a spokesman for astrazeneca said the company believes its vaccine could protect against severe disease. It says it's working to target new variants and hopes to have a new vaccine ready by the fall. Vaccines by johnson. And johnson and nova vacs have yet to be authorized but we're also less effective against the new strain in recent trials in the us a new cove in nineteen variant first detected in the uk is spreading rapidly with the number of new cases doubling every week and a half according to a new study it also found that the variant may become the dominant strain in many us states by march new coronavirus cases in the us fell below one hundred thousand for the first time this year according to johns hopkins data

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