Cases of Flu Are Down Globally


Job. Maybe next time you're here you can present. That would be getting green jobs. So i'm just asking when that happened. Richard trumka who is a friend longtime friend of joe biden says about that day one eastone. He says i wish he. The president has paired that. Were carefully with the thing that he did. second by saying. Here's where we are creating jobs. So there's partial evidence from richard trumka. Well you didn't include all of his interview. Would you like to include. How about this. The international union of north america said the keystone decision will cost one thousand existing union jobs and ten thousand projected construction jobs. Well what mr trump. Also indicated in the same interview was that president biden has proposed a climate plan with transformative investments and infrastructure and laid out a plan that will not only create millions of good union jobs but also helped tackle the climate crisis. That guy was peter doocy from fox news and i always hate his questions because he takes four ever to get to the point he just beats around the bush because his conscience is fighting him the whole time and at least that's what it seems like. It's like that tiny little part of them that still has morals and ethics is trying to tell him. He's being deceiving and a bad journalist. But pete here just wants at fox news money one of the more unexpected biden policies. I would say. Just because. I never thought he would actually do. It is that he announced on friday. That trump wouldn't be eligible to receive intelligence briefings anymore. This is the first time that a former president has been cut out of these briefings. But we've never truly had a president trump have we biden explained in that norah o'donnell interview saying quote. I just think that there's no need for him. To have the intelligence briefings. What value is giving him. An intelligence briefing. What impact does he have at all other than the fact that he might slip and say something and he also said that has shown quote erratic behavior. Well that certainly the polite way to say that. He's been acting crazy honestly if he didn't read them well he was president. Why should he get them now. I mean the way. I imagine it. They practically had to create puppet shows and plays to get him the information that was in those briefings like they probably had to act it out for him. The man doesn't or possibly can't read so the story here as promised is about the flus really bad year sir remember. I talked a couple weeks ago. About how bad well not. How bad how good for us it was that. This year's flu season is almost nonexistent. In that was in new york city as it turns out that sort of the case. Globally this reporting from the atlantic followed a doctor from the mayo clinic in rochester minnesota. And they just sort of talked it over with them. What they're seeing in. Why we might be seeing this really good flu season for us. He said on december first that they began testing all patients with respiratory symptoms for covert and the flu so thousands and thousands of these tests have turned up positive for covid but out of the twenty thousand flu tests that they've run which is ten times. The usual number zero have come back positive for the flu since early fall. Eight hundred thousand flu tests in the. Us have been done and only fifteen hundred have been positive. That's point two percent for context. That's about one hundred times so last year. We had a hundred times more cases at this time when we had done. Eight hundred thousand tests back then. The flu positivity rate was anywhere between twenty and thirty percent twenty and thirty percent a lot of other respiratory viruses have disappeared as well well disappeared in quotes because they're still out there somewhere including ones for the common cold. Obviously the reason for this is the number of restrictions and precautions that we've had to put in place social distancing masks etc and all of those help because the regular flu and covid spread in pretty much the same ways however covert spreads more easily because it can be passed on by people who don't even have symptoms in front example just look at all these super spreader events. That didn't happen before. It's not like if you went to the movie theater and just anyone had the flu. You al- suddenly got the flu. There are also differences at the macroscopic level. Like how it sticks to the particles that we exhale when we breathe or talk like cova sticks more easily so is easier to transmit of course doctors

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