A highlight from 430: The Annual SWP Christmas Special


What can i get you today now. I just i go into that. Get you drink mo. And i'm gonna get you some. Orangina supplement moved from prescient. Whatever how are things in time. I'm dreaming of a shop buddy. We sweden bobby and obviously i'm dreaming of a well be christmas. I like it did better. Mary chevette god. I'm not a very good scatter anymore. I used to be good. I used to be really good. Not like riding a bike. Yeah exactly. I've down that you lose gas that whole thing not very good anymore. I'm okay steve on the music front Through the show. We're going to scatter through some actual christmas carols and spotify as put together a list of the top ten christmas songs of all time actually did twenty twenty-five but we have christmas things to do. We can't do twenty five. So we'll do the top ten scattered throughout the show so on musical christmas front Want to go. I guess we go backwards. I guess just to be dramatic and everything now. I'm not sure how dramatic this bead. Wait wait a minute wait wait wait wait a minute we're not doing. We're doing christmas carols. What is this the view. I love christmas carols on christmas. Why do you have. Do you have no heart mr grinch. So what are we gonna do are open. Hope britain through the course of this show as we play back because people are curious top ten christmas carols of all time. If you're ever gonna get sent him idle. It's christmas eve and i have a feeling throughout the course of this show. Is you listen to these carols. I feel like your heart will grow three times. The size of the green line is good one degree. Three-ton dasher on donner on on cupid on blitzen. Not bad what is that. It's a song it's going to be one of the top twenty five. So what when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse st. It's not a song that's it. That's a story. Oh oh and onward. Onward runoff onward. What are the reindeer's anyway. What are the freaking reindeers They it's on donner on blitzen. On jenna jameson on your no. Let's not right now. You know that doesn't sound right under. Yeah yeah on stupid so stupid. Counting it backwards We'll do ten nine instead of the gate is trying to set your hair as fast as possible. Because you don't have a sentimental bone in your body are as i love christmas carols All right let's see if i the number. Ten is old. School frank

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