Roller Skates And Atomic Power


Charles baggage would dream up the analytical engine which most people agree was the first automatic digital computer famously. His friend at a lovelace was considering badges computer when she published what was basically the first computer program now. The actual computer wouldn't be created during their lifetimes but they're well planned ideas. We're enough to change the world. Don't get me wrong. You wouldn't have been able to play minecraft or among us or even solitaire on a computer like this or anything but it was a pretty radical idea and like many young people who go on to do great things. Babich was inspired by some pretty creative people. One man in particular comes crashing into mind when he was a young boy badges mother wishing to nurture his curiosity and fascination with mechanical things took him to visit a short older and quite unusual man. John joseph merlin. Now if you live in england and your name is merlin people might expect you to be some sort of wizard and while this merlin contrast spells or shape shift and he had certainly never counseled any mythical kings like king arthur. He was a wizard in his own ways. By this time he was approaching the end of his life but he had remained pretty famous around england for decades. You have a hard time finding a man who had created quite so many unusual inventions. And you'd also have a hard time finding a man who knew how to make an entrance and get noticed in quite the way that merlin could first off. He was an inventor of automata but he was also one of the most prolific inventors in all of europe. If you've listened to our episode mechanical monsters you probably recall the basics of what goes into an automaton. If you haven't listened to that episode well. It is our most popular so consider this an invitation in short an automaton is a mechanical device often resembling a living creature which through years and finely tuned pieces can create movements that mimic something like life. Think of it like an early robot. They were wildly popular at the time and they didn't even really do anything they were just like cool to look at in some ways. People never change and they love good amusement and automata were the pinnacle of impressive amusement in the seventeen. Hundreds one of merlin's earliest creations was a collaboration with a mentor of his. It was called the silver swan and unlike many of the automata from the seventeen hundreds. This one still works the shiny. Silver swan bobs. Its head on. Its long neck cranes over its shoulders and ultimately catches a fish which it appears to swallow before nestling back into its wing to watch it now and consider all of the mechanical movements and all the time spent making each articulated piece still amazing in the seventeen hundreds it would have been mind blowing and these sorts of things. Slow badges young mind during this. Visit the world changer. To be sought some of these enlightenment era robots but also saw invention after invention mechanical curiosities. And some of merlin's favorite creations. Instrument's it was obvious to merlin that. This boy showed an aptitude. He dripped with potential and he burned with desire to understand more so the man suggested to his mother that they all visit his private up which was not something. The general public got to cast their eyes upon. This must have made quite an impression. Because years later after merlin at passed away his collection was sold and the now adult badge bought a few of the eccentric. Man's unfinished atop and finish them himself in sort of a tribute to the genius. Who showed him kindness and knowledge at a young age. Of course this meeting was towards the end of merlin's life when he was a younger man he wasn't so famous and he didn't have a museum filled with his creations

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