Trump grants full pardon to Russia probe figure George Papadopoulos


Granting 15 pardons. This includes full pardons to two men who were convicted in the Mueller investigation. George Papadopoulos and Alex Vander is one tough. A novelist pleaded guilty and 2017 is is lying lying to to FBI FBI agents agents while while vendors vendors want want pleaded pleaded guilty guilty and and 28 28 scenes scenes a a lying lying to to invent invent Stew. Stew. Gators Gators from from the the special special counsel's counsel's office office also also pardoned pardoned former former GOP GOP congressman congressman Duncan Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, both convicted on corruption related charges. I asked Kyle Cheney, congressional reporter for Politico if President Trump pardoning Papadopoulos and Vandals. Juan is rebuke of the Mueller. Russia investigation question. I mean, we saw him pardon Mike Flynn a couple of weeks ago, which was sort of part of that long running effort. He's also commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, his longtime ally. Both of those men were caught. Up in the Mueller investigation and convicted or pleaded guilty. And in this case, you know Evander's Juan is sort of a bit player. But Papadopoulos is very interesting because he was the whole basis for the origin of the investigation. His interactions with the Russia linked figure led the FBI to probe the Trump campaign first place. So this is really the origin story of the Mueller probe and Trump pardoning him is really a shot at its existence in the first place. Other convictions of Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins essentially centered around corruption that they were convicted on. Why do you think the president chose toe? Pardon these two former congressman? This is pure, rewarding political loyalty here. I mean, Chris Collins was the first member of Congress to endorse President Trump and his 2015 2016 campaign. Hunter with the second, So it's pretty clear political payback here for loyalists and you know, doing in the lame duck when it would have been politically explosive to do it earlier. It's sort of a tried and true thing and other presidencies. But clearly what happened here, Kyle, I know that many of the president's supporters defend these decisions He's making by saying he's used the pardon less often than many other presidents. I guess that is true. But are you expecting Morva? Four? Mr Trump leaves office. I would anticipate it. I think it is fair to say he's used it less often, but he's used it more to three or or he let off the hook. People who are closely allied with him, like very deeply connected with him personally. In terms of politics. And yes, there are others out there that have not been issued People like Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon and others that we had on our watch list for a while now, so I would expect this is not the final round of the That's politico Congressional reporter Kyle Cheney. 10 13. NOW

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