A highlight from S2E87: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/15/21 | Tommy Too Smoov


Hollywood and entertainment news. You do not want to miss that. Good morning barbie. Good morning cindy good morning. Everyone here in bethlehem where we broadcast live till you from and it's thirty degrees right now. Going to high of forty five today is going to be clear in the daytime but there may be a possibility of rain are late afternoon around two ish. so you outtakes wrangler in strasbourg. Thirty degrees forty one for the high clear Right now but it's The clouds rolling and again some rain later in the day after two pm. so if you're out taking ranked gear thirty four newark new jersey forty six for the high partly cloudy and again possible rain later in the day in new york city. Thirty nine degrees forty five for the high partly cloudy as well and rain in late in the afternoon atlanta. It's forty six degrees at fifty two for the high cloudy with some sun a late morning appetite and this is going to come out and miami sixty four degrees seventy three would be the high and cloudy thirty six chicago thirty seven for the high cloudy with snow this morning but it should taper off sometime after eleven o'clock this morning and the roads maybe low slippery so be careful in los angeles at fifty nine degrees area for the high in clear. Thirty six in louisville forty three or four. Himes going to be fair and over there in rochester. Thirty six degrees forty three will be a high partly cloudy in rain in the evening. that's half. we all wasn't looked like where you are coming until you live in the show having won. Show featuring cindy j. We want to start a right. On a feel-good friday be dedicated to show to you guys and we appreciate you. We have the morning. Buzz and Guaranteed that's one thing we could guarantee on this show that your head will be buzzing before nine. Am so you got stay tuned for that. Cj what else do you have. He asked an nine o'clock hour. I'm going to have front-page news semi jay. Where i will let you know what's going on locally and nationally so stick around for that yes there will be some obvious spores your stay tuned. So

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