A highlight from Divisional Round DFS (January 16 & 17)


Use the code feast so they know we sent you check him out on social as well at f g underscore dolan good afternoon. Joe horia. i'm well ross. Could do a good to hear from you by the way. I just realized we've been doing this podcasts. All year and on this video feed you. Have your twitter handle on your name. I should probably do that. I have the option to type my name in there. And i've always just gone with my name is probably take my twitter handle in there. Who cares about your name. Everybody already knows your name. Yeah yeah. I'm looking to change that when twitter twitter going through a lot of turmoil right now. That's that's another podcast ross. I'm sure you have a podcast that covers that but not this one but but not this one right now. So we're we're like look up their thanks. That is unbelievable. brian. Like i think this is our four hundred. Sixty fourth. Fantasy fees podcast. And i think that's the first time. Brian has contributed value to at joe number. That is amazing. Well done i of pride. And i were talking about our dogs tracking dirt and other substances through our houses before you came on. Ross so brian. I have a little bit of a of bond over that right now are you. Are you wearing that flyers that because it opening night absolutely you are sharp. Ross you are sharp. Rank your phillies sports teams in terms of importance to you in order. Oh god well. First and foremost it fluctuates By by the by whatever team is doing well or poorly right now. I mean i think just because i'm in professional football. The eagles would be number one. And because i love to talk and i love to speculate. The eagles are a riot. Right now Because i mean who knows what's going on there they never. The eagles are never boring. That that i'll give them a in. In a perfect world it would be eagles phillies flyers sixers right now the phillies. They don't resign. jt real mutual. They are dead to me I don't give a crap. How much money. John middleton loss during the pandemic billionaire signed good players So if they don't sign jd real. They're dead to me right now. Especially since the mets are naturally out there doing things. There's something special about a baseball team when he follow baseball and getting to watch them every single night. There's a relationship there that other sports don't don't give you But so that's special to me right now. The phillies are on the bottom right. Now it would be Eagles just because you know my job but also then now the sixers the flyers and the phillies and the sixers before they fired Before they fire brett brown and it didn't look like they're gonna bring in somebody to replace. Go over elton brand. They would have been at the bottom. Because i was totally out on them. And they hired doc rivers and daryl morey and then i'm like okay now i'm all the way in so now i'm just waiting for them. To trade for dance harden cure. My question is knowing that your alma mater where does penn state fitting that higher u. penn state football way down at the bottom really. Yeah i i'm more i mean i i i root for them but like I since certain things happened. I took that opportunity to distance myself not distance like oh i want nothing to do with penn state but like to separate the emotional investment a little bit and i will say this though it felt good two years ago against ohio state when they had the fourth and five and they called the running plate miles sanders. I was viscerally. Angry at penn state football game for the first time in like a decade it was. I was so mad about that. Play call now. It's like oh feels nice to get this worked up about a penn state game again It it it. I don't get as emotionally invested in it as i did have in college. You have that these are your peers. You know you're going in your tailgate. And all that i don't i don't have that relationship anymore and i wonder how much of that is because on college but just just certain things You know contributing to all to take the take a step back and not be as emotionally invested in college football. I i love college football this year. I washed way less than than i ever have before for obvious reasons but college. Football's my hobby. I love betting on college. Football love watching college football. But i'm not as emotionally invested in it as it used to be. Got it love that obviously all the listeners and viewers on youtube not as our fantasy expert. And they love you. I think tonight is just interesting to know like like all of us. We all started as fans. You know what i mean. Like course. y'all started expand before we got into this one way or the other What was your biggest takeaway. I don't mean football wise. Joe i just mean. Dfs wise or just four matt. Wise of last weekend's wildcard triple headers. Well i want to thank the pittsburgh steelers first and foremost because on life sunday only the league i just loaded off on steelers and i was like you know. The browns have these injuries. Denzel awards on the cova list and the steelers got crapped on. And i'm like oh boy. This isn't gonna go well. And then ben roethlisberger throws for over five hundred yards because they're playing from behind and that really helped out. That helped me cash back last week. Because i was crushed in. I played two slates at played saturday sunday combined and then i played the sunday. Only this is really bad advice.

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