The extremists behind the Capitol riot


And gentlemen columbia recording artist ryan then at the end of the year like now. Listen to costlo supreme on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. The amount of people who are willing to come to dc the fiber the come out to engage in violent action. That was a small number. We look entire country but it's a mass number of people and we got tens of thousands of people around the country doing when you go on these chat rooms and stuff. You're seeing people say things like. I'm willing to die for this. I'm willing to kill for this. They're talking about bringing weapons places. They're talking about modifying weapons that something about donald trump's the up into a frenzy that's been able to really be an organizing it just that's what's so scary about really we're talking about a level of violence that's being committed to that. We haven't seen from a mass public like this before would just days left. In a presidential term that has been defined by chaos bluster and disregard for the american people. I watched in horror as did the rest of the country. As enraged trump supporters breached the us capital in an attempt to demonstrate their capacity for violent rioters broke windows. They ransacked offices confederate and pro-trump flags were carried throughout the building. There was an armed standoff in the house chamber and when all was said and done a woman was fatally shot. Four others died multiple injured.

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