Inside Prince Charles $10 billion plan for a greener world

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Looking back to the airport from the confines of my home still in lockdown. I'm of course you'll host omits be joined by the lovely angrily that low had low. I know you know. We had that brief teaser. We got to go out in the field together and do some things. Take the podcast on the road. And now we're all back in lockdown. Unfortunately i know we're still doing the podcast every week. Lockdown can't stop us. Stop us especially when there is so much to get through as being another busy week. And i'm always surprised when i say that because i seven days goes by anything. How much could actually happen. It is a pretty pack lineup. Shortly we'll be talking about the queen and prince philip's unexpected news about the vaccinations of course if you listened to last week show. You'll know why that was unexpected. And we've also have word on the cambridge royal train tool still ruffling feathers in certain parts of the world. We'll be getting into details on that. Plus report suggests that the sussex's have quit social media for good but is that actually true and of course the biggest news of the week was prince charles's launch of the tara contact initiative might sound like gobbledygook cheap to you. Just now. we'll be breaking down exactly what it means and just the impact that it will have not just on the uk but the entire world when it comes to blow able conservation before we get to that again internet. How you you ask such sincerity omit. I really feel like you're asking me how i'm doing but i have to say in this day and age. Everyone is probably in a similar boat. It's like how am i doing. I think i'm okay. But i also have my flat in a month and a half or seen anyone except for the occasional delivery person doing okay. I don't know know very lucky. All things considered. I'm doing great. You know healthy. We're still working. Abc you know. We have jobs sometimes go into the field still although we're taking a lot more precautions right now with the elevated numbers so things are good. What about you mid grateful and thankful for for what i do have rather than what the moment it is sometimes very easy to focus on what we're missing out on what what the month could have been. It's certainly not start to twenty twenty one. That i was getting revved up. Yeah i think he might be the start of new champs. But that's alright. I think it'd be sitting in the last episode. This is like the thirteen months of twenty twenty celebrate later. Well i think he makes such a good point of thinking about all the things that you can do right now instead of focusing all the things that we can't do and in some ways you know it's really eye-opening to remember all the things that we can do. You know if you're lucky enough to be with a loved one right now. That's extra time to spend with a spouse or parents or kids that you wouldn't have had otherwise and we've talked about this in the past but picking up new hobbies. I've talked a lot about how much reading. I've been doing all the puzzling i've been doing and now you know as i shared with you earlier. I'm trying to find to person board games that me and my husband can just play by ourselves so you know things are getting really crazy in my household but you know it is a new challenge. One i don't think we all thought that we'd have but one that. Hopefully you can embrace and find some positives in all the negatives clean. Well i imagine. It's no doubt very similar vibe at windsor castle. Where the queen and prince. Philip have been spending the lockdown in in england together at home. This is of course after deciding tools. Have a quiet christmas at the residence to so this is really been a time. Where the tooth and being together. But we've had big news as buckingham palace will. Should i say windsor castle this week. Just after we finished recording the last episode buckingham palace announced the news. Both the queen and the jacob edinburgh have received their first covid nineteen vaccinations and they said that they were administered. Think it was just a day. After episode came out that was a household dachshund windsor castle. The palace didn't go into any of the details about which type of vaccination it was or when they'll be getting the second one's and they've made it very clear that they're not going to be sharing when they get the second one's administered but they did and that the queen decided to let it be known that she had had the vaccination to prevent any further speculation about whether she would with a she. She wouldn't and maggie. You know you. And i spoke at length last episode about the palaces Earlier decision to not share this news buckingham palace. A were telling all members of the press that it was highly unlikely.

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