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Thanks for hanging out with me on your Sunday morning. We saw the first two games of the NFL divisional round on Saturday. Packers vs Rams were first on the schedule number one offense versus the number one scoring defense. Here's what that sounded like. Take those emotions right. Quick tossed about taste. Touch down in Shannon Ramsey is incensed it in the right corner of the end zone. Savante Adams puts the Packers on top 93 body after number one scoring defense. Can't stop who can Nobody. They got a lot of guys who think that a high level and you know some of the best of their position. But the way we come together differently than anybody else. Shampoo Rogers thanks. The handoff makes right pump fakes. Once in the game, picture himself to the ends up. He's in there, just inside the right. Thailand touched down. It is 16 to 3 Packers. Although our guys maybe didn't get the respect they deserve, you know from the media. We knew what we had in terms of the players that we had on our roster and also lose. Those guys have embraced the challenge, and they've gotten better. Rodgers takes fakes. The handoff looks just throw lots of down the middle. Listen, he is That stuff from crackers with dagger 31 Day. 18 Ellen lists are 58 yards. He drops to one knee, and that will do it for the fourth time in the last seven seasons, the Packers punch their ticket to the NFC title game. And this time that ticket is for Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Unionism still relevant in this I'm so happy for our business. Definitely little emotional. Just thinking about what we've been through. You have me emotional with the crowd out there today. Just still really happy about everything that happened today. So the Packers get the dub. Aaron Rodgers

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