Howard Florey - the Australian researcher who developed penicillin


Philip started showing symptoms friday night. We thought he was coming down with the flu. We had chills. Headache felt nauseous. Didn't want dinner saturday morning. I wake up. And i heard this funny moaning sound and i come downstairs and handlings. And he was just on the floor. I thought he was having a fetal a spasm or something because his head was thrown back in he was moaning and there was all vomit around his head and said l. Green the ambulance. Because i was trying. To call phillip. I was talking to him but he wasn't responding fourteen year old sydney schoolboy philip furlong who contracted manindra cockle septicemia. Before the discovery of penicillin. He would certainly have died today. Despite all the other antibiotics penicillin has spawned. Penicillin was still used as part of the arsenal of drugs. That saved him. His mother della furlong again then he was having trouble bleeding into his lungs and we thought he was going to go then because blood was just coming out was dripping. Ez's abbey's he's mouth and they had to call someone from theater to incubating and from then on if you just fought. His live awoke up in hospital and didn't know what's going on among those is saying all these things about the penalty lennon antibiotics ozone so. You bit thankful that we've got antibiotics today that we don't live in the era before penicillin. Howard walter flory. The man responsible for developing penicillin and ushering in the antibiotic age was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. He and his oxford team of scientists turned the juice from a simple fungus into possibly the world's most powerful men. So robert menzies said that. Flory had more effect on the welfare of the world than any other howard. Flory i get much more credit than i deserve in this matter because i'm quite clear that nothing would have gone long except for group of about five or six people not a big group with some technicians and that was sufficient to discover all the essential points about penicillin a tape recorded by the national library with flory in nineteen sixty seven a lot of misconceptions about medical research. People sometimes think that. I and the others wick on penicillin because we were interested in suffering humanity. I didn't think you'd ever crossed our minds about suffering humanity. This was an interesting scientific exercise because it was some yutian. Mission is very gratifying. But this was not the reason that we started working on. Howard floor is interesting. Scientific exercises not only with penicillin although but certainly what he's best known for have had a profound effect on the quality of life for each and every one of us. He is one of the tallest puppies this country's produced you hit how much to most of us know about him. What his origins. Where did he come from south australia. Actually him flurry was born in a modest stone. Cottage in the adelaide. Suburb of moldovan. On september the twenty fourth eighteen ninety eight he was later rival and the only son of joseph and birth flory. His four older sisters doted on him intended to dress him. Like little lord fauntleroy with ringlets down to his shoulders. Joseph was the local shoemaker with a driving business ambition by the time how it was eight. His father was a rich man. He developed a range of footwear from working boots to dancing slippers and had factories across the continent. The family moved upmarket to a sandstone mansion. In the adelaide hills autumn leonard bickel has written extensively on howard flurry. He's met the man in person and your number of his friends and associates. The one person that i met who knew flory as a child was mrs molly. Bowen of adelaide. She was saying in herodotus but she remembered him as a tassell kid young boy full of life and vigor and they were rolling struggling through the greenfield's around their big home and he was very interested in life and in nature around him as she remembers him very clearly that he was a laughing happy young man when he was thirteen. Flurry became a day boy. It's peter's collegiate school in adelaide. The same school. That only years before had another nobel laureate to be lawrence bragg he of x ray crystallography fame. How a flurry came under the influence of the same inspiring chemistry teacher who had also supervised brags first experiments science teaching it. Peters was program quite good. We had a man named sneak at thompson. He was called sneak it because he used to go around and rubber soles shoes he used to get some chemistry into and quite an early age. I had some idea during research. I might have been twelve when came on but my sister saying. Oh you mean you'd like to be a sort of pasta and i didn't know what that meant. The i interest was chemistry. I was not very good at

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