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You take a mountain traffic on the fives powered by Bowser, Chevrolet, you can experience the power. Bowser Bowser Chevrolet. Scott Stiller and Rick dealing with an accident. Penn Hills Road I rode and Hoover Road. Things are moving much better in that area, so it's just a little sluggish around the accident scene. How about Parkway East backed up to the bended banks is your head for the squirrel. The old tunnels. Four quid approach slows before Stanwyck heavy on the lower deck of the fourth to Cambridge. Out Found Parkway West, Heavy from Greentree down, passing on brand from popular Street. Then you're good to go out towards Robinson inbound. Just the little slow at the tunnel entrance. 65 slows that the McKees Rocks Bridge Cross Town Boulevard. Be headed for the Liberty Bridge. 28 the parkway North are moving along fairly well, our next reported 3 55 from the President Erion Senior Care Network Traffic Center. I'm Scott still around 100.1 of them and am 10 20 Katie K. When you want instant access to Katie Katie Radio, it's Azizi is writing an email to the dollar bank. Instant access account E mail. Instant access at KDK

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