Beauty Special | Three dermatologists on how to get YOUR best skin.


Answer your questions about all things skin and skin care my guess. All the consultants Dr melvina cunningham. Dr ben as dale and dr jason thompson who work in private practice and the nhs and all the three dumbs behind skinny now regular listeners. And those of you follow me on instagram. We'll know that. Since i started using skin me around the end of two thousand and twenty. I have noticed a profound improvement in my skin. Which is why. I was keen to create this episode to share their expertise and experience with you why my stakes listeners. The idea that malvina ben and jason came up with was a direct to consumer subscription. Skincare brand with a team made up of industry leading dermatologists and pharmacist. Prescribers that are only six hundred. Fifty registered consultant dermatologist. Here in the uk. And if you wanna nominate just waiting this you could be waiting up to one year to be seen. As a result of this people are self diagnosing and self prescribing to try to tackle that issues. And look this excellent skin-care out there. We know that if you're layering a ton of ingredients in quantities that on entirely measured then you can end up in a situation. That a lot of alvin bannon jason patients find themselves in which is that. Their skin has become hypersensitive overwhelmed over stimulated. and over sensitized. In short you're actually getting further away from your skin. Goals closer to them. What you get with skin and me by that online questionnaire and team is prescription strength ingredients. That works for your skin without the long. Wait or the expense. I've done this myself. No it's literally.

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