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From new york that is democracy now. Fifty seven days are three. This senate has acquitted. Donald trump for inciting the deadly january six insurrection at the capitol as your seven. Republicans joined democrats voting. To convict january. Sixth will live as a day of infamy. In the history of the united states of america the failure to convict donald trump will live as a vote of infamy in the history of the united states senate will air highlights from the impeachment proceedings and speak to former reagan administration. Attorney bruce fein who joined ralph nader calling for senators to subpoena witnesses then as the us death toll from covid nineteen approaches. Half a million. A new report says nearly forty percent of those deaths were avoidable. We'll speak to the reports co author. Dr mary bassett the former health. Commissioner of new york city. Who's now at harvard. University commission on public policy. In the trump era went beyond the idea. That the covid nineteen was the result of failures and public health and healthcare access. All of these are big problem. And also at the long term trends that have made the united states so vulnerable the worst pandemic and a century all that and more coming up. Welcome to come on prec- now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman. The senate's acquitted donald j trump for inciting the deadly january six capital insurrection in his second impeachment trial fifty seven senators backed convicting the former president but the vote fell short of the two-thirds majority needed. It was the most bipartisan impeachment. Trial verdict ever with seven republicans voting with democrats to convict senate majority leader chuck schumer blasted republicans for siding with the president who tried to overturn an election and incited a mob to attack the capital. This was about choosing country over. Donald trump and forty three republican members chose trump. they chose it trump. Shortly after the vote senate republican leader mitch mcconnell who voted to acquit trump. Took to the floor to criticize the former president. There's no question. The president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day but mcconnell went on to defend his vote to clear trump on constitutional grounds. But in this case the question is mood because former president trump trump is constitutionally god eligible conviction president trump could have been tried while still in office. But it was mitch. Mcconnell who refused to bring back from recess in january to hold the trial calls are now growing for trump to face criminal prosecution as well as the formation of a government commission to investigate. what happened. Meanwhile some republicans who voted to convict. Trump are already facing fallout republican. Senator bill cassidy of louisiana and richard burr north carolina. We're both censured by their state. Parties for voting. To convict trump will have more on the senate trial after headlines. New information continues to emerge about the insurrection. Participants the new york times reports at least six people who are part of the mob that entered the capital worked as security for trump ally roger stone and were linked to the far right oath keepers. Huffpost is reporting at least fifty seven state and local. republican officials were at the capitol insurrection. And almost all have faced calls to resign only two if step down. Both were arrested for taking part in the riot in one case. A florida. county. Commissioner joe mullins sponsored buses to transport people to washington. Dc in the lead up to january six. he said on a local radio program quote. Maybe there are some liberals. I'd like to see their heads. Cut off new cove. Nineteen cases in the us continue to fall steadily around the united states. Start to loosen restrictions. Republican governors in iowa. Montana north have lifted statewide mask. Mandates despite warnings from the centers for disease control to leave mask requirements in place public health. Experts warn daily case numbers remain dangerously high and that rapidly spreading virus variants could create new surges. Researchers have found at least seven fast-spreading corona virus lineages in the us with the same mutation providing more evidence that variance are evolving to become more transmissible. The us has now administering. Nearly one point. Seven million cove in one thousand nine hundred vaccinations per day on average surpassing president. Biden's goal of one point five million a day chief white house medical adviser. Dr anthony fauci told nbc who believes the overwhelming majority of people in the us could be vaccinated by the middle or end of summer. By the time we get to april. That will be what i would call for. You know for better. Wording open season namely virtually everybody and anybody in any category could start to get vaccinated fowl. She said vaccines for children. As young as six or seven could be authorized by the start of the next school year. The cdc issued new guidelines friday for schools to reopen safely. The agency says vaccinating. Teachers is not a prerequisite but schools must adhere to strict measures including mandatory face masks physical distancing and contract tracing cnn notes. Ninety nine percent of us children living what the cdc considers a red zone an area with high levels of community transmission for which the agency recommends virtual classrooms for middle and high schools and hybrid learning for elementary schools. A recent national education association survey found only eighteen percent of teachers who responded were vaccinated although a large majority wanted to be white. Teachers have been vaccinated over twice the rate of black teachers around the united states. A new british government study builds on earlier reports that fast spreading variant. I found in the uk leads to an increased risk of hospitalization and could be up to seventy percent more deadly this comes as disability rights advocates in britain or condemning the discriminatory response by the government and hospitals and treating covert nineteen patients with mental disabilities. A recent investigation found. Do not resuscitate orders were given to people because they had mental disabilities causing potentially avoidable deaths. Cnn reports the world health organization team probing the origins of covid nineteen and john. China believes the outbreak was much more widespread in december two thousand nineteen than officials have revealed elsewhere new zealand's largest city. Auckland is in a three day lockdown. After three corona virus infections were identified its new zealand's first lock down in six months. After prime minister jacinda ardern government stamped out the virus. Guinea has declared a bullet epidemic after an outbreak killed at least three people and sick and four others there.

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