The Boy Who Inspired Baltimore

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With twenty twenty now officially in the books we're taking one last look back at the year in sports and replaying our very favorite episode of twenty twenty. It's about baltimore's most unforgettable young sports fan mugabe who passed away from cancer. The athletics brit girly spoke with us about mos- brief incredible life and a moment after his death that she'll never forget from wondering on the athletic. I'm kavita davidson. And i'm under scotto. This is the lead so britt tell us about the earliest days of mugabe's life mokaba first few months of his life which state regular newborn infant and around about nine months. His mother sasi saw photo of him. In which is is just white she went and got him checked out and it turned out that he had cancer anywhere so he had it in the back he was a kid who spent seventy five percent of his young life in the hospital constantly getting aggressive chemotherapy or a life of sickness and never got better. How did mow become such a big sports fan. It came from his mother sans e who made no bones about it. I'll be back forth lethem level. When did move. I come onto the radar of baltimore. Sports fans around the age of nine mo- decided that he was going to call in to this afternoon. Show five seven. Jeremy khan and scott carr so or the two anchors and they get a call from a nine year old kid and jeremy's berry aware that sometimes kids are shy or they don't know what to say i mean he had his confidence his swagger about that i thought was so cool when he would call in and then it just months and loved the ravens at orioles so much it just really really shown through. Thank you walk. Can we get picking booking shot. Pick right there. What's funny is santi was working during the day. She had no idea for months. That son was becoming this fixture on this afternoon drive show in baltimore working with the school that work now. She had no idea how famous her son was getting a good no say that again do that again. Cool man and it was all of the jones different things you started getting his own theme music. really funny and engaging kid once you get a chance even the most hardin cremona callers were like. Yeah i love bow and no one knew. He was sick for a very long time and it wasn't until the promotions director was like mugabe. I've seen that kid a cancer events for their sister station. Jeremy wasn't even sure they were talking about the same kid. He saw video of mo and he realized that voice. That voice was coming out of this little boy in a wheelchair who conveyed nothing of the pain and thorough medical procedures that he had already been through never had anything negative to say about anyone. He never talked about any issue with body nation. Change us old. You're already in trouble. Nationwide think so. I'm not the. I'm not kidding. And his legend grew within the community. The ravens heard about him only say mo on free. What do i pitch for the orioles in two thousand seventeen. We have very special kid with us. Mo- gabby he is a baltimore. Sports celebrity of source smo- and he was under the impression he was throwing the first pitch of the game out. he thought he was throwing jacoby. Ellsbury kind of ex cotton unbelievable. I'd never turn out a first pitch for a game. I'll try out. I'll i'll i'll tell you that. Try not to get the yankee players. They hit the ball. I liked them to do is get a strike that start off. They're just literally f- no stopping mo- have a great time. I hope you have a wonderful kids. Opening day. camden yard. Thank you for having me. And then he also became the first person in history to announce a draft pick for the ravens on a braille card. Oh take it away wet. Oh sorry he was becoming a worldwide sensation. His braille teacher visual assistant at school. Leach said that she was opening cards from kenya. And blow would be like. Wow that's on the other side of the world. He was just sort of starting to grasp. How big of a deal

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