Three Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2021


So what are the top three trends. I believe you should look out for and twenty twenty one and how to really utilize each of them. So your business can reap the benefits in two thousand and twenty. Many industries are a surge in online shopping online purchases buying things whether it's products or services or tools online. And here's some data for you. Depending on the industry of various from one industry or the other but the minimum growth of online sales was twenty. Five percent in some industries saw up to five hundred percent growth if there was any apprehension of ever buying things online or being reluctant to put a credit card on a website. Those as are totally over cove it has obliterated those objections or the hesitation. And it's been a year. It's been at least nine months for most people in the world who have had adopt to buying things online with grocery whether it's renewing their insurance with our buying coaching or therapy online. The point here is is that this is now. This was a short thing. At least nine months of this was going on so people are in the habit. They're comfortable with checking out online. Now you might be saying. Hey omar that's great But i've been online for years. What does that have to do with me. Well this means that your checkout process has to be on point acid efficient. It has to be fast. Many industries are really upping their game when it comes to check out. This is one of the focuses. We have in our business whether ninja some of the things that you can do to improve the checkout process. So people are having a more pleasant experience and they come back to buying your products and services is a more options for payment. One of the options Haven't adopted yet but we'll be adopting in two thousand. Twenty one is incorporating apple pay into their checkout process. over sixty percent of the internet's traffic is on mobile. That means people are going to be on your side. They're you buying things with their phone and a smooth transition to check out without pulling a credit card out of their wallet using apple pay is going to put you ahead of the game. It's gonna make it easier faster. Simpler for your customers already been predicted that apple pay is going to see a huge jump in twenty twenty one. Many studies have shown that by the end of twenty twenty one. The ten percent of all transactions around the world will be with apple pay. That's a huge slice of the pie. You can tap into that you can increase your checkouts by offering an easy way to check out if you're using a stripe for example checkout already have apple pay built in. You just need to make sure that your interface or checkout process has apple pay a shop affi- store they have apple. Pay already in there so you can really just this on. It's going to take you a few minutes or maybe an hour to set this up on your site and you're good to go trend. Number two people have been watching videos for a very long time but twenty twenty has saw the most significant jump in video consumption ever in history forbes recently published an article showing that in twenty twenty people watched five online videos a day whether it's to whether their videos on people's websites these platforms are designed to keep them watching again. This is a habit. This is a new normal. the has been established. People are watching more and more online. Video is becoming. The medium of choice for communication on top of that youtube tubes algorithm for search engine optimization has gone bonkers. It's incredibly incredibly sophisticated. If you search a term on youtube not only does it search for you know the titles and the descriptions and the comments for those terms it actually knows when somebody actually says those words on the video and will give you a result of based on that. So if you're asking me you should go bullish on video this year. Two thousand twenty one. You should have a video content strategy whether it's a weekly series whether you're running webinars whether you're doing live or recorded video with youtube channel the players that you wanna tap into what people are already doing instead of force people into something that you like doing her new like consuming you're like producing it's never been cheaper. To produce videos now you can get a you know hd or four k webcam for under one hundred dollars get a ring life for fifty dollars and a decent mike for about sixty dollars and you got a home studio. If you're on a mac you have free editing software with movie. Even if you're not on a mac you can always Go with adobe subscription service which you can get their dobie premier Video editing software for like thirty dollars a month an indispensable tool if you're going to get serious about video and twenty twenty one highly recommend you start thinking about what video content you want to produce. It doesn't have to be talking heavy. It could be interviews. You could be reaction videos. It can be collapse as long as it's entertaining. It's engaging it's informative. People will watch trend number three and this one's a big one and it's gonna affect a lot of businesses and you really should start looking into how you can adjust your business to your website. Accordingly and that is privacy and security. This has been something. That's been percolating in the news for some time. This is particularly important when it comes to the way you are going to be advertising to your customers typically if you want to run facebook ads for example you have to put what's called a tracking pixel on your website this facebook to know when somebody's on your website so they can serve them ads on facebook and also allows them to track conversions. The issue is that data gets an owned by facebook. And a lot of it is some information that a lot of gonna wanna share like we'll computer browser on their location. If they're signed into facebook they know a whole lot more. Even you know who they are their likes are wants. All the interactions. They've had on facebook and basically facebook contract this person as they're moving around the internet and this is becoming more of a problem is becoming more of an issue because feel realizing wow. I'm being tracked We started to see this a couple of years ago with the cookies. Message that you see for gdp are people say. Oh the cy has cookies. And it's a way for us to track and people just ignored it and they're just click. Okay things are going to get a little bit. Hotter apple has already announced that in their next ios update for was fourteen. They're going to have actual pop-ups actual System messages from the operating system telling the user telling the person with the iphone. Hey this site has a tracking pixel. Do you want to be tracked. And it's actually quite a statement. It's actually something you really can't ignore. You have to say yes my movements or no. I'm paraphrasing of course. But the point here is that the privacy issue of tracking people is becoming more and more a- battle and obviously apple is going because their brand is all about privacy and security and boy do they have a market share so a lot of your users a lot of people that use iphone. You know if they're use. Iphone are going to see this message on your site. This means you can't have a tracking pixel and you're gonna have to think of ways to market your business you can. Of course run ads without attracting pixel. But you can't track conversions. Which makes it really hard for you to be able advisor ads. Which then begs the questions. Should you run ads. So this is something you need to keep an eye on and you need to plan ahead already in our business. We're trying to move away from paid advertisement or paid acquisition where customers into long term long tail content marketing whether it's a blog whether it's videos whether it's youtube whether it's partnerships with as their affiliates. The point here is that we want to own the traffic. We ought to be able to rely on our own content to bring us a traffic and not use. Third party apps to advertise. This is a big shift. It's not easy. It's not just facebook. Google or anybody else that has any kind of pixel on your site or requires a pixel so that you can track conversions so if you use paid. Acquisition us paid ads on lincoln on facebook on google. You may want to think of other ways to bring in traffic at least wean yourself off of the a bit because it's not going to be as effective as it used to emmy even get more expensive so there you have a guys three trends to look out for twenty twenty one. Get on top of this and be ahead of the game.

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