A highlight from The End Game Will Congress be able to save President Trump

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The eric herb show like share. Subscribe folks if you like this podcast. Okay let's get into it I've been reading today The third of january Twenty twenty one. And what they i e they meaning people that are signing on to president. Trump's election fraud case. There's now over a dozen senators and congressmen and different people alike the joining the bandwagon. They want to get to the bottom of this election fraud. That was committed by the democratic party. So let me just say something here. january six folks. Six january is going to be. That's on wednesday. That's going to be one hell of a shit show. I'm going to tell you that right now. Repeat myself january six wednesday this coming up wednesday twenty twenty one is going to be one hell of shit show. I'm going to say that everything and anything is going to happen. They want to launch a committee. This is in the talks already. They want to launch a committee and take ten days before the twentieth. Were supposed to inaugurate the next president of the united states they wanna take ten days and elect five five a total of fifteen people five from the house five from the senate and five. Us justices of the supreme court. And they wanna throw all these people in there and they want to do an investigative report of how there was fraud committed in this particular election which did happen by the way folks. There's there's tons of fraud tons and tons and tons. There's no frigging way. Joe biden could got eighty one million votes. It's impossible here's no way. He could outdid obama. Even when obama was running. What you have to understand is again. This is bought and paid for the election is predetermined trump does not and should not let this voter fraud. Go do to the fact. The election was basically stolen from him. Okay this election was stolen from him. One hundred ten percent folks. You know that. And i know that everybody knows that. So

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