What you need to know: Detroit Lions vs Houston Texans on Thanksgiving Day

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Let's go into tomorrow's games. The first game is the houston texans at the detroit lions detroit. Lions are plus three Let me check the money real quick here. The fifty nine percent of the bets are on the texans and percent of the money is on the texans. The line just got shut out. Texans had a big win against patriots. started you michael. What do you think well. I think i got the injury report for houston for the for the alliance because they weren't the same team. My mouth stafford was healthy in that game. I'm not saying there are good tv. You know there are three and three the last six games but i think that they weren't healthy. They didn't have golladay staffer. It wasn't healthy swift. Didn't play if those guys are playing and healthy. You know that you've gotta take that into consideration especially against a bat houston defense which you play run defense really well as we gave up a tiny arts but they were able to shut down the patriots from running the football. And you know and you look at it they. They've allowed one hundred thirty two points to houston in the last five games and only have created three turnovers houston doesn't create turnovers and allow points and mvp and the shawn watson is having an mvp type season. He's averaging over eight point five yards per attempt. He's only had one one point five interceptions. I mean percentage wise. I think he's been really good. The game doesn't set up good for detroit because houston's too fast on offense detroit too slow on defense the concern you have if you wanna play this game is is what good can use to do against the the lions defensively because if there if the lions aren't healthy they can play well so i think that's the concern is where is the lions helped the factor in this way is i think from talking to people around the league you know. I think it would have been other week. Besides thanksgiving patricia lost his job on after the after the carolina he may lose after this game. If they don't win. I mean i think that's how that's how tight it is. I'm not saying he's fired on friday. I'm not sick. Predicted sanders a lot of conversation about that. Yeah i mean that is obviously worried for the lines is as are they going to show up and play Away from texas. I saw cooks out Potentially i believe i still. Kenny stills has also out galled as probably going to be out for The lines it seems like jonah swift is going to be back who he played very very well the weekend before and the Houston texans are number thirty. Two in the league versus rush. That is my only reservation. Though for taking the texans talked about earlier like. Jj watt probably gonna wanna show up to sean lock. Primetime time game might be the last one you know. We'll fuller's ver- contract after the season potentially looking at shop and everybody's watching you know. Yep but look they had a big lead on you know a detroit out a big lead on on washington they left. Detroit is slow there to the worst two-minute defense at all football. According to the kid that they drafted the third overall pick played only twenty four plays last week. Why i don't know i think. The biggest indictment of matt patricia. Coaching staff is when adrian peterson comes out and says i don't know why he didn't meet three weeks ago. That kids me

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