They did not maintain an effective program to prevent prescription drugs from being diverted to the black market,


The government. Mean owners and officials of Purdue Pharma should be held accountable. They should be in jail in there, not and the other part of this is to When I think about The the Yeah. The issue here when it comes to produce Farmer and Oxy, cotton and all the pills out there in America. Where's our personal responsibility to we can push it on them, and they're definitely guilty. The wares personal responsibility when it comes to popping a pill in your in your mouth and swallowing it. I mean, we have this mentality in America that you should never be in pain, like like nobody should ever be in pain. And that is ridiculous. My son went had shoulder surgery. Baseball injury and when he got out soldier shoulder surgery for a separation Tauron labor in the whole deal. I told you before he went in, I said, take the least amount of pain pills. You can Wean yourself off it quickly and deal with the pain deal with it. That's exactly what he did. Anything I've had to deal with. I don't take anything for nothing. I have a headache. I don't take aspirin again. It's me. I just don't want that crap in my body. I mean, there's gotta be some personal responsibility to for the opioid epidemic in America. Too many people don't want to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Nobody shoving that pill down your throat. Definitely there. Definitely promoting it. At the end of the day.

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