Us. Dr. Cara Crist from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Dr Chris Happy Thanksgiving. First of all.


Thanksgiving to you you are going to be I imagine very busy with not only Thanksgiving, but with all of this other, the other things we're talking about. Last time on the show, you said you're concerned level was a nine on a scale of 10 is still there. We're still significantly concerned. So yes, I would say my concern is still a nine. Let's talk about about what the future of what's happening here because it's not just Thanksgiving. Christmas is around the corner. Garrett Archer from ABC, 15 was on with Arizona Morning news. I just want you to hear something, he said. And I'd like you to get a comment on what he said here about the data into the modeling does indicate that the rice that we're seeing right now should continue and persist until about the end of December and possibly into January. Right, that is that accurate. So we are anticipating that the holidays they're going to continue to fuel the transmission of covert 19, which is why we've been. We've been putting out recommendations for people on how to celebrate safely, and we spoke with the retailers yesterday on how to you know,

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