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Valley economist Jim Round says he expects sales to be in the flat to a moderate growth category, maybe less than 2% growth. But it's still growth. You're going to see a change in the way people shop. Though there's going to be more online purchases, people are going to start buying earlier. And because so many of us have been forced to work from homes with things like TVs and fitness equipment could be the big sellers during the shopping season. Let's get an update on traffic. Now as we head live to the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic center here's JP Fox. We have been dealing with a broken water main in Tempe that has lain restrictions in place and that remains on Broadway eastbound and westbound between McClintock and Dorsey. Lean. Avoid that go with Southern or university. The freeways are looking very good, and no accidents and a light volume. You do have a new crash Die Start at Grand Avenue. Doorbell Road or Litchfield. Instead, this support is sponsored by lows. Don't miss Lois Pro member Season of Savings event now through toe down through 12 2. They have deals on brands like DeWalt Spider and met a bow H P T plus events. You won't want to Miss Lowe's The New Home for Pros. I'm JP Fox. Katya Our news Sunny skies today with a high of 72 Tonight Clear the low 46 right now in Phoenix. Sunny skies 62 degrees.

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