Episode 155 - Paul Sharp and Travis Davison

Cleared Hot


The holidays sneak up on me as they did this year. So the holidays are obviously back. And that means that you want to plan ahead which i highly recommend. Start thinking about what you wanna get for the loved ones in your world now spoiler alert. If my kids are listening to this turn it off right now because if you don't you're gonna realize or find out that i did mostly stocking stuffers from duke cannon for you this year why one thing i love it but to they actually do to. My middle son specifically asked me for some of their body wash. But we'll talk about that in a little bit and if you don't know what to get people and you want to you know go to the brain and check it out. Check out do cannon. They have a quiz is guaranteed to help. You recommend a great gift and they're going to give you a promo code for your time. So some food for thoughts are things you could get if you go to their website. They have some holiday themed gift packages to in particular that i think are quite hilarious. Frothy the beerman gives set twenty bucks. This particular package contains thirty houses of booze inspired premium soaps that in fact smell nothing like booze. So what you're going to get in. There is a big beer so made with old milwaukee which has a comforting sandalwood sent an a big ass. Beer soap do shoots fresh squeezed. Ip a fresh citrus and woodsy and then the big american bourbon soap making buffalo trace percent of an oak barrel. The other one. I like the beard that stole christmas. Gifts is also twenty bucks best. Dan beard wash six ounces. That's gonna come in there. That's made with plant based ingredients and it leaves a subtle and wonderful citrus. Heaven sent and then it's gonna have the best damn beard oil five point. Five ounces of that which is made with natural and organic ingredients has a scent of fresh split cedar and then finally the big bourbon beard oil again. A half ounce may with buffalo trace bourbon natural and organic ingredients like. I said i've had this stuff at my house for while my kids like

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