How The Flying Fahans Got Started In Aviation


I'm joined today by very famous. Couple job the margaret and joe fan who were delta pilots flew together numerous times and they retired together. It is so great having you with us today. Thanks for taking the time. It's nice to be here. thanks for talking with us. You're welcome so so. Who is flying the longest. I'm older by about four years. Okay so we'll start with you joe. How did you get your start in aviation you know. I wanted to be a pilot since i was a little kid. And when i got to be about fifteen. I started getting my parents to drop me off the local airport and eventually got a job as a line boy there and spend all my money taking lessons. There's just that simple so back. Then how much did it cost to take lessons. Well kids today are going to hate me for saying this. I flew a brand new one. Seventy two with an instructor for twenty dollars. An hour into european itself was fourteen dollars an hour. The instructor was six and it was a struggle back. Then because i'm making that dollars seventy five bucks an hour whatever. The minimum wage was then. So you know it's it's increased by about tenfold. Since since i did that but there people people paying over two hundred dollars an hour for a general aviation airplane with instructor. My private pilot licence cost me all eight hundred dollars. Well that's were great. How about you. How did you get your story. Well my mom and dad are from germany and we used to fly to germany every summer to visit family so for me the best part of the vacation was actually the flight and i just know i had to do something with airplanes later on in life and When i was sixteen. I was dating a boy that my dad wasn't particularly fond of so he thought my dad had flown gliders in world war two at the end of the war so he thought if margaret had a hobby maybe she spend less time with boyfriend and more time with the hobbies so he took me to the glider airport in the area and He got reso- load. And i started flying taking lessons and it just took off from there that is very cool so interesting parroting those is really good parent yes. He has a better story than i do off. So so joe. Did you start earning money right away after you got your license. Well private commercial instrument. And then i became a flight instructor and i was teaching for a couple years. I guess that's my first paid flying job and college was in there too taught in college and then got your later. I got hired by a little commuter airline in southern new jersey southern jersey airways honors for five years or so and seven for almost a year and went on with the airlines so that was kind of a straight shot so when you interviewed with delta did they have the shrink with a rocking chair. Well actually we're. We didn't come that way. We were a northwest pilots. Oh okay all right actually. Yeah we required. Margaret margaret was actually a pilot for republic airlines and i was a pilot for northwest so we merged as choir twice. She was margaret. Tell us about how you got Started getting paid to fly well. Once i started taking lessons at all i wanted to do was be at the airport. Talk to people at the airport. You learn all. I could so i started working out there. I worked at the office. And then i worked on the line to Being that it was a glider airport. There were several line called them lined boys but there were lying girls. You had to hook up the toro to the glider and then run the wing as the toll. Plane drag glider off. So i did whatever. I could to You help pay for lessons and back then you got to know the instructors. So you traded washing their cars for instruction you've got a cheaper rate on the glider rental Got a little discount of the toe. So as soon as i could i started flying and earning money to pay for lessons. Surely you a glider rating before you got a power rating. Yes you could back then solo. I think it was fifteen. Get your license at sixteen in glider. So you could get your commercial glider license that eighteen and you could give rides and you know what we call the introductory lessons. I got my flight instructor. Rating is flight instructed in gliders before i got my private airplane well that is very cool and never flown gliders but i understand that that's the best way to learn to fly. Start with gliders. I think so i think so. You're tells me that all the time

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