Understanding Cartesi with Augusto Texeria and Erick De Moura


What is cortege? What does it? What does it do? Why is it differentiated from other projects in the space? A. High level like your. Quick, pit dive into details. Right right. So high is that we? We saw the this deficiency around skill ability particularly around. Scaling Computation right because if you want to if you want to see blockchain's as a platform to run. Computation, which is probably the objective of. The and Another block chain of Sports Mark Contracts. A. Platform for competitions is quite precarious in indifference on dimensions right now, especially different dimensions of skill ability. Of course, there are many problems that attack me skill ability in different ways. Which shows to tackle the problem of over how many Strickland's sections it can run per unit of time. So basically, Skilling competition, that's where we started from. But what's really differentiates us from other scaling solutions the fact that we. Also. saw that there was another deficiency that was often overlooked. Namely the ability for people to develop. Smart contracts or APP logic using mainstream software stacks or using. Resources Right. So if you if you're going to develop a War Japanese. Solidity. For instance, you're going to have a language limiting. You don't have gossips like the final system or anything that an os with give to you. So what if we could take? Let's say the West like Lennox and run it in a decentralized way so that that's Basically our most. Unique. Opposition here. That's why we are second lear that scaling computation Yo preserving the the security guarantees of the line blockchain like sheer we also providing Like a fool west where people can develop their. The logic. And how do you do that? Let's let's say like. How do you? How do you maintain the level one security while providing that scale like it's the seems to be a trade off somewhere. Right so so basically we are. We moved from global consensus local consensus, right so imagine that you have the APP. If you're thinking about the the aucoin that's on the blockchain, you need basically the consensus of everybody because everybody's using is involving the ledger. Now. If let's say, let's take another radical exemplify wants to develop a chess game on the blockchain and I play chess with you. Right we are to only people that are interested in that in that match. Then thousand people running full knows they're not really caring much about what you're doing who is winning that game. So in that case, when you have a local consensus, it's much cheaper to just have the people that are involved that they're interested in in the in the competition, the results of. What is happening there to validate? Or to participate in whatever is going on for that yet. So So. What you do is that that you basically you allow the blockchain vice computations that are basically Lennox virtual machines they have. A boot, a file system by Dr They have an input tribe. They have a program that they're gonNA run and they have an output drive. So this basically specified on chain We can explain that for later on but these competition runs off chain on the on the van. And because if Yemen is fully deterministic self contained and it also produces miracle proofs. Of the. Of the states and the Merckel tree route to hash of its entire state. We you are I able to Make sure that all violating notes gets the same state at the end of the computation. And if they happen. To. Disagree Right. then. Another data can can start disputes. And proved to the blockchain, that's the first civility was. Involved in a fraud or cheating the result of the competition. So it's basically an optimistic approach von Daters glamour would would claim a result for consultation. And if someone happened to disagree with that result they can. Keep. Proved to the blockchain. Vets. Honest. Solution is. Actually true and enforce it in the blockchain.

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