Full Self-Driving Limited Beta Released


Everybody Robin our here today even though we are less than a day out from Tesla's q earnings report, we already have news up staging mills results Tesla has started to a very limited way roll out the full self-driving rewrite Beta, and we are already starting to see some videos from that Beta pop up online. So today's episode is going to be focused on that because this is game changing technology that we're seeing happen right now. So I've put together a compilation of those videos. These have been shared on twitter by Tesla owner, Silicon Valley and Brandini nine, one six and raising them with their permission. So let's check out these clips and then analyze a bit as we go through. Our had. So the first thing that we notice as the car autonomously approaches this intersection here is just the new user interface. So this is not the final version. It'll be cleaned up a lot when this actually is sort of wide release ready I'm sure. But the first thing that sticks out just the amount of detail that's being captured here just from Tesla's vision system. It's using the cameras to put this entire scene together without hd maps. So here we go through the intersection and Thomas left hand turn. And, it's able to complete it. So this is one of the main missing features right now, and it is here in the Beta on surprisingly. But great to see that it's accessible handles turn. Though, in this case, it did have a lead vehicle I'm sure we'll see some other ones here in a second without that lead vehicle. So again, zooming in on the you, I hear you can just see the massive amount of detail that's being generated again from the vision system in the Tesla it seeing across the road at a t intersection here. Mapping the basically the outlines segments of the entire road using the dividing lines here, and then the lanes that are available for the tussle to switch ends you. which you can see in this case, it's navigating over into the left lane. Giving that update that now occurs now stopping for traffic light and fifty feet, and again we're GONNA see another left hand turn here. Once that turns green, which does he can see a turn green there on the UI. Maybe a little bit of hesitation there tough to tell but in this case, no lead vehicle. And it does manage to make. That left turn. And again, you can see the interpretation of the road here. And this is all happening at night right now. Obviously, the Beta just came out. So all the videos are from night driving so far, and you can still see even with. without the benefit of daylight tussle is still able to. Get a really good representation seemingly although we can't really tell outside the vehicle obviously but of the of the entire seems to be up Senate here. Rats I'M GONNA pause on this one as we head into it. As you can see, this is around out I. Wasn't sure if this would make it into the limited Beta release here but it seems to you and this you know it's tough to think of other features that wouldn't be here if we've got the roundabout in this in this version so you can see again with just the vision system here not using HD maps or anything like that Tesla's recognizing that this is around about intersection it's mapping out the roundabout here in the same color that you would normally see the lane lands that you are not supposed obviously cross. So really cool to see that. Let's watch it travel through here. Again, this one's from Brandini nine, one six. So yielding there it seems. Navigates through there. So, pretty cool. Brandini did say that for that one he did take over manual control at the end but I believe he said that was because his passenger was a little bit a word about itsel he said it would have handled it fine. So exciting see the roundabout here is another video again, a little bit more high resolution. This time we can see again the scene, the lead car here being mapped with green box versus some of those purple or red boxes that we've seen on other vehicles. Indicating that, it's you know traveling in the same direction. Looks like he changed his following distance, they're a bit. CNC. Vehicles off to the side appearing in yellow or red. Even as far out as as over there. In oncoming you know cross lanes. You can see those vehicles appearing and then the lead vehicle turns out. Tessa continues on its path. Read through an intersection with the green light. And, this one's really interesting Brandini on twitter said that this, there's a pedestrian approaches in this case he's GonNa take a left turn here he said the vehicle signals back on what he's doing what he's got mapped in terms of his navigate on autopilot directions. So let's go ahead and watch this. And it looks like this may be sort of an unmarked road here that tussles just sort of interpreting where the lane lane line should be. So you can see it approach the stop sign here. Mapping out a lot of details waiting for this card across. Its even picking up the biker land sign here in the other lane. There's the pedestrians. There are the pedestrians and it makes that left hand turn again with no lead vehicle. So super cool to see that this is more robust than even I expected this absolutely seems to be a step change from the report so far people have been very, very happy with it. I think this makes a Robo taxi vision from Tesla much more real because this is what you want I do as feature complete that means the Tesla vehicle is going to be autonomously capable of navigating the entire trip. In some cases, it's not gonna be everything but people are going. To go on rides and Tesla vehicles where they don't have to intervene one single time and that is going to make this so much more real feeling than has up until this point and of course, those drivers should still be diligently monitoring because there are certainly going to be corner cases that takes some time and more data to get ironed out

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