Giuliani shown in hotel bedroom scene in new ‘Borat’ film


Back. I hope quantum never thiss vials. All the Democrats general trap. First time comedian Sasha Baron Cohen's mock You. Minarik catches President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. In a rather compromising situation. ABC is Jason Nathan's and joining us on the coma News line. The film comes out Friday as Prince Worthy as it sounds, Jason. Yeah, I mean, if you're familiar with the board at movies in the Bruno movies and all the stuff that Sasha Baron Cohen does. This is very much along those lines and the scene. That's making headlines today involving Rudy Giuliani, which I can explain, but I'll have to give some spoilers if that's okay. I guess people can plug their ears if they don't want to hear it. How's that starting now? So the scene involves Rudy Giuliani in a hotel room with a reporter who is not actually a reporter, one of Sasha Baron Cohen's people, and she in the movie is actually his daughter, who is supposed to be 15. But the actress herself this 24? Yes, she's interviewing Rudy Giuliani. She looks like a you know, a 24 year old journalist. She doesn't Looks like she's 15 at all one. It's amazing that she's able to get an interview in her hotel room alone with Rudy Giuliani during Cove. It that's pretty incredible speaks to the testament of how good Sasha Baron Cohen and his people are being able to set stuff up like that. But during the interview part and it's part of the movie, she's flirting with him a lot. She's touching his knee. She's being very suggestive. That's all part of the thing. And then at the end of the interview, they get together. They're drinking Scotch by the way during the interview, and she says, Let's finish our drinks in the bedroom to which you go. Okay, and they go in the bedroom, and there's you know, there were there were cameras set up in the living room. But there are no cameras in the bedroom except for a hidden camera and they're helping each other, take their microphones off. So he helped her take her mike off and then his microphone is kind of tucked into his shirt and so in order to get it Now she has to unbuckle his pants, and at one point, he kind of leans back on the bed with his pants on buckled, and then he starts to tuck in his shirt. So it looks like his hands in his pants. And he's in this hotel room with this woman, And then Borat kind of bursts in and craziness ensues. And if you remember a couple months ago, Rudy Giuliani actually called the cops. On Sasha Baron Cohen for that, because he didn't know what was going on. But this footage that you see, and it's getting a lot of headlines today. And I think one headline from the Daily Mail said that Giuliani is fondling himself inside his pants, which is clearly not the case. He's talking his shirt back into his pants. But it's not a good look really for him. For somebody who's the senior advisor to the president to be in a hotel room with a woman like that, with his pants on buckled and drinking Scotch, and he's touching her on the hip. Very suggestively and playfully and says that she should give him her phone number and her address and things like that. It doesn't look great, but there's nothing illegal or necessarily inappropriate going on. There's even a scene with Mike Pence in this movie. Yeah, there is a barren Colin actually goes with CPAC conference. He's in there dressed up as President Trump and he's running around with this girl who is supposed to be his daughter over his shoulder. He's trying to give her as a peace offering from In Kazakhstan to Mike Pence. He wants to give Mike Pence his daughter, his only daughter, and that's part of the whole big, so he's right. Actually, he's running around as my pencil speaking on the stage gets in, and he makes a commotion, and then you get escorted out by a lot of people. So it's It's definitely Sasha Baron Cohen getting himself into those situations that we've seen him do before, which could be uncomfortable but also very, very funny. And also, there's a lot of social and political messages going on kind of trying to get to the heart of A lot of people's racism and prejudice and things like that, In a very funny way. Available for streaming Friday on Amazon Prime A bee sees

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