Trump's Scattershot Campaign Strategy


Trump continues to behave in a way where he simply seems in search of rationale for his candidacy and a closing message. It's really an astonishing thing to observe how Erratic House scattershot his messaging has been. We know that to be true over nearly four years of covering a trump presidency that he has the tendency to do that. There's always the stories with the blind quotes of Republican allies of the white. House just wish Donald Trump would talk about the economy or would stay on message Donald Trump is who he is. We all know that he's not going. To Change, he is committed to this notion of grievance politics. That's his whole sort of reason for being in the political realm, and yet he does have a proven political gut an instinct of where he can go to find pockets of support. So it's amazing to observe him trying to throw everything against the wall and seeing what sticks this close to the election I mean that's one thing you can do earlier on. But when you are within two weeks, you've got one more debate ahead of you and then just rally after rally to try to drive home a message. You want to be locked into what that is. That is not where Donald trump is I mean just take the storming out of the sixty minutes interview or cutting short or whatever he did with Lesley. Stahl in tweeting about that, what what is that that is not going to accomplish his political goals here and here's the thing Donald Trump knows it. He knows he's in a weakened position he was in Erie Pennsylvania last night, and once again, he said the quiet part out loud before the plague came in I had made I wasn't going to Erie. I've been. Honest. Go Way I was coming I didn't have to we had this one and then we got hit with the plague the had to go back to work hello weary at least. I mean, just imagine there's the president of the United States going to eerie Pennsylvania telling them. They would never have seen him if he was in a stronger position than he is but here he is yes to actually work for it that his closing message right now today's been tweeting about the economy's who maybe for a moment he consumed some television news analysis that he really should be talking about the economy. It is the one area of strength. We see in poll after poll for him, and yet that has not been where he has centered his closing message inexplicably, and we have new evidence to show that what he's doing isn't working we have a brand new. CNN. In Pennsylvania and one in Florida in Pennsylvania a state critical to Donald Trump's success for years ago. He's down ten points fifty three to forty three against job Biden. This is the Tipping Point State folks and he is Badly behind at the moment. Now in Florida as we see across the whole Sunbelt, it's a different story. It's a margin of error race. We've got Joe Biden at fifty percent and Donald trump forty, six percent in this poll, but it is a race at the margin of error with no clear leader. Consistently, we see him behind in that critical upper midwest rust belt, and if he can't turn that around, he's in serious trouble and that kind remark, an eerie Pennsylvania that's not going to help.

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