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Hiroshi. So the debate continued with talk about China and the economy and the green to deal recognize the 1st 3rd of the debate was all about covert and Harris. Basically her line was that the Trump knew in late January early February, this thing was airborne. It was dangerous. Even Bob Woodward, who revealed that in his book that Trump had said that sort of stuff, even Bob Woodward said publicly interviews. We talked about it at the time. He said. I didn't believe that Trump knew all that. I thought Trump is just bloviating because again, nobody knew that there was not a single doctor, including Foulke, who was saying in early February. The thing was airborne, and that was really dangerous for young people. As it turns out, it is not particularly dangerous. Two young people, and even now there's controversy about just how airborne viruses right. The CDC literally this week this week came out with information, suggesting there might be an airborne component to this this week, the CDC said that it is now September It is not late January. Okay, so she relied a lot on Bob Woodward's book for various items of information. But then they moved beyond come in. They got into taxes. And here here is where there might really started to go sideways. For Harris T this point you could say that Harris sort of held her own because uncovered. The fact is that the Trump administration's rhetoric has been bad. And the Trump Administration performance has been pretty good. Because Pence is rhetorically much better than trump, especially this kind of stuff. He made the record look as good as you could make it. When you have a president who is doing all the things that President Trump is doing, then they got to the economy and this is where it all starts to fall apart for Kamala Harris So she starts talking about she

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