Brooklyn, New York's 'Red Zone' To Turn Orange Amid Coronavirus Progress


A Corona virus Red Zone, but it does have an orange zone. What's the difference? Our Samantha leave minutes live at City Hall this morning to explain Sam. Yes and Lian areas like Borough Park that saw positivity rates higher than 7%. At one point, they can re open outdoor dining and slightly increased capacity. It houses of worship. But there is worry about the city in general going into a second wave the mayor reminding New Yorkers on New York one last night. What's at stake if it's not stopped over 300,000 jobs that we lost have now come back here around four million jobs now in New York City. And rising that recovery is happening. Schools are open. You know things are moving. We've got to protect it. He says indoor gatherings were feeding the trend. The citywide positivity right now at 2.37%, the seven day average of new positive cases at 7 7 79, 79, a a number number not not seen seen since since May. May. Blasio Blasio says says travel travel also also an an issue issue in in morning, morning, New New Yorkers Yorkers not not to to do do it it for for the the holidays. holidays. My My hope hope is is the the folks folks who who were were on on the the fence fence and we're hoping to travel, you know, thinking about it planning a little bit. Will now realize it's not the time to travel. But look, it's horrible. Ara, we're gonna have to go through the whole holiday season. Without some of the things we love, but there will be a vaccine in the next few months. There's also concern on Staten Island, where the positivity rate in some areas is above 6%. Today, a planned day of action there, with more testing and volunteers, handing out PP and information at several locations. Samantha Leap in 10 10 wins Live at City Hall over in New Jersey There

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