New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin for exposing himself on Zoom


Jeffrey Toobin. Was the guy who was on a zoom call right? He's works at CNN. He's a staff writer at the New Yorker magazine. And he's on a zoom call. And well, he's on to zoom calls raison. Assume call with CNN talking about the last election, but he's on another zoom call with I'm not a not 100% sure. But, uh, hey, kind of forgets where he is. It kind of gets out cameras work on a computer and he ends up tilting one of the cameras down. And it turns out that that Jeffrey Toobin Was Hmm. Not wearing Pants. And Jeffrey Toobin, You know he's on the zoom call. He was on another zoom call. But the first zoom called talking about the election was aware of what was going on on the second team calling to the camera got panned down, And then they saw the Jeffrey Toobin was Um He was. How does one say zooming himself? Hey, crazy. What else would I say? The best I could do under the circumstances. Tony Katz, Tony Cats today. So good to be with you. Yes, he was zooming himself. And New York magazine. New Yorker magazine has come out to say that we finished our investigation and he's fired. And he put out a tweet saying I got fired after 27 years. Love the magazine. I love the people maybe a little too much and And that's not have a nice day. I'm out. But he still has a job at CNN. My question, of course, is How How does he still have a job? I mean it if I did that. I can't imagine I would have a job now. Here's what's really weird, Ari. Let's say you did that. Okay, So here's where I'm Here is my oddness, I guess. That someone is that Foolhardy. Is the fireable offenses that somebody was doing? That isn't so. So Here's Here's the difference When this all happened, he said was I thought I had logged off Zoom. I didn't realize you were still on. Well, that's the firing a fence because you don't think that you're being recorded every second your computer's open. I am the guy who has tape. On my cameras. If you look at my I have two laptops. I have three screens, two laptops, and then I've got extra cameras, right? I'm doing Newsmax. I've got the camera for Fox. I've got a whole set up here. It's kind of made and by the way that we're adding another TV on there's another whole computer system coming right? We are. We are like command center. Here we are. We're the NORAD of the Midwest. We're ready. We're ready to launch the missiles do the whole thing. Of course, I tape over the cameras on my computers on my laptops. I don't trust them. Don't trust anything or anyone anywhere. What are you crazy? Not in the slightest And that you thought that, um you did it, And that's enough. You had that much faith in the in the usability of technology. You thought that was okay? That's the firing a

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