Protesters assemble outside of Arizona elections facility


Your vote. Neither Joe Biden President Trump have the 270 electoral votes needed to declare victory yet, but the latest count of ballots in early voting across undecided states shows Biden edging closer while Americans wade summer pro testing in those undecided states. ABC is Alex Stone is in Arizona at the scene of one protest in Phoenix. This crowd of about 1000 or so trump supporters who were outside of Maricopa County Elections office, they have been chanting four more years and justice justice. Speaker after speaker is saying that if President Trump doesn't win Arizona or nationally that then it has been stolen that then it is fraud, something that the president his team has been saying as well. There is no evidence of that here in Arizona or in Nevada, with this crowd, saying, If the counting going on inside this building doesn't come out their way, will then clearly There has been fraud at election voting centers. A bipartisan group of observers are watching votes as they are counted with continuing coverage.

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