Jeffrey Toobin fired from The New Yorker after exposing himself on a Zoom call


Okay. This first story. I think is the funniest story of twenty twenty. I believe they talked about it before. But there's like an update to what happened and is pretty epic. I don't know if you guys remember. But a few months ago the new yorker had to suspend one of their authors and legal analysts. By the name of jeffrey toobin what happened with him. Basically he was on a zoom call. An important call with the new yorker staff and some people from cnn and some people from wnyc radio and during the soom call you guys today soom whatever during the zoom call you guys he with the camera on and with the microphone on was out here controlling himself so not okay like like oh my god so the new yorker not doing with what to do with him at the moment so they had disclosed suspended him but now they did fire him and he did in a tweet today explain. He said i was fired today. By at new yorker after twenty seven years as a staff writer. I will always love. The magazine will miss my colleagues and we'll look forward to reading their work. My question is how the heck do you bounce back from this. This is so embarrassing. Apparently he thought his excuse was that he thought he was on mute and he thought his camera was off. Is like hello sir. When you're on zoom call like you can see your face. They're right now. no. I don't go on too. Many zoom calls me. Maybe i'm on one once a week For the most part. If i've talked to people or do business with people it'll be facetime and for zoom calls like i do do teams meetings sometimes my boss and we do sometimes have like an entire town hall meeting. That's what we call them where it's like. Everyone on staff is part of the meeting. I would be disgusted if one of my coworkers did this on the zoom call. Honestly and i i. It's sewn appropriate like you can't do this on your own time like. Why do you have to do this on company hours your i. Would you want your co worker to get fired over something like this like i definitely think. So that's just so disrespectful to all your other coworkers to everyone's time to your own self like just not okay. Over guys and on top of it wasn't just his co workers like these are other clients on the call. Cnn was on the call. And like i said that news radio so yes. i'm sorry. He deserves to be fired. I don't even know why that was a question. If it was a woman right ladies if it was us like switching out a bra during zoom call an accident you we would be fired. We will be fired. This over here. Exasperating himself and he got suspended for a few weeks and now finally is five. Yeah i'm sorry. Don't way way way too much and just not okay like i would definitely want my coworker fired.

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