Tauon PC-1 Review


I've had this thing sitting here since the summer and I've been meaning to review it. However, I've been so busy that I've had to put it on the back burner for some time. Unfortunately. Well, we've got Christmas approaching and some of you may come across the towel on PC one on eBay. You may have been looking for a retro computer and this thing pops up or at least it did for me that they've changed the description now and when I got it it was $100 after shipping, but now it's like $88 after shipping on eBay. If I order it from the Talon electronics website, you're still looking at $100 after shipping the towel on PC one has a cortex A7 arm processor off. 1 gigahertz one gigabyte of RAM and 8 gigabytes of internal storage. You also get a mouse power adapter that has a switch on it and gave em a v cable to plug into composite televisions that includes many of those old CRT televisions. Tell on electronics helps their towel on PC one computer as a kids-friendly family computer the computers all inside of a keyboard wage much like the Retro microcomputers like the Commodore sixty-four and the Atari eight bit computers of the early 80s. It's black and color and has one USB off work for the mouse. At least that's what's available on the outside. Anyway, it has one additional USB port on the inside which we will get to off the keyboard itself has a Gamepad mode if you want to use it as a Gamepad for games though, really, you're not going to be picking the thing up and you'll see that as a Gamepad. It's more like pressing keys on the keyboard to play the game. That's all it is. That's runs Android 7.1.2 out of the box or at least mine was and it's actually a modified version called towel on os office. That's how I ordered it over the summer. It may be entirely possible. They've updated the version with the latest firmware, which I have not updated yet. But I will do as part of the review the keyboard feels pretty nice as I boot this up. It makes a horrible computer sound which I really don't like I guess it's supposed to be the sound of a computer connected to the internet was a dial-up modem. There's no need for this at all. And I hate the boot up process because of this the boot screen is a nice retro 8-bit. Let's box and they said this was marketed towards kids, but I think this is really more interesting for retro computer fans as well as tinkerers. We get into the actual software. This is where I already find it missing software. It claims to have figures are guide says it has acrylic paint and vice x64 wage ke pure Aptoide blue wallet CPU info dirt editor finit browser G Droid goes to meander Miracast receiver off mobile basic downloader notepad open map open to sshd townhome VLC media player and retroarch

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