What Drives Successful People with Michael Rea and Brad Bromlow


We'll fire nation as i shared the introduction. We're talking all about what the heck drives a successful people. And i have to successful people on the mike today and i want to start with you mike and talk to us a little bit about the importance of role models in your life like how they shaped you as an entrepreneur. Break that down for us. Yeah good question. I would probably classify my role models into two buckets. I think that my parents Served as really the kind of foundational foundational role models in my life. You know setting values at a young age You know the small things intrigue other people like you want to be treated. Do you say you're going to do and really you know kind of questioning asking. Are you willing to work harder than everyone else to achieve. Whatever it is you're trying to achieve And i think that they they really helped me do that. They helped me appreciate the correlation between hard work and financial reward and to balance. That all with you know really a question of ethics. Are you comfortable with whatever you're doing being you know information that could be shared widely And and and it's a delicate balance. But i think it's one that they helped me understand in in my Connor younger years I would say that the second set of of mentors That i've had are really probably businessmen tours. There's two individuals that i i would kind of label in that category and i think the the help that they provided as really you know guidance from a an entrepreneur's perspective that's invaluable. You know they've lived a lot of the same situations they've dealt with a tough problems a lot of times. They can provide perspective that Makes whatever it is. You're dealing with not seem so daunting i'd probably the last thing on the on the business mentor. Side is just accountability to someone from a business perspective. A lot of times when you're running your own business accountability You know is not as easy to come by because there's no one to answer to So having those folks to say something out loud to and have them check in question And see how you're doing is has been something that's been really helpful. Bradley's pass it over to you talk about any role models you've had. I mean you know you were a former nuclear submarine officer myself being in the military. I know role models are big there but talk about that. How they shaped you as entrepreneur specifically just peeing backing off of what he said. My parents also were big role models. My parents are entrepreneurs. They started their business Thirty three years ago. Which coincides with when i was born So i kind of got to see firsthand entrepreneur life. I think a lot of people kind of see success of an entrepreneur but they don't see the initial starting phase like the struggle the grind in that part. And i i did get to see that with my parents like i got to see the struggles financially. And then obviously the rewards later on in life on with their business so I think that is a unique circumstance. Don't think a lot of people get to grow up with their appearances entrepreneurs so That is i mean. They've been very important role models and they've still helped me to this day with our with our business. A lot of things that we do we wouldn't be able to do without them And then Actually in the fitness world of a lot of role models that we've kind of we became friends with as our social media platforms have grown And i've been able to pick their brains which is a really awesome feeling To be able to reach out to some successful people have kind of already foraged. Pass forward And you get to gun. Ask him questions But i think that role models are important regardless of whether you know they're your parents are or some person i think. Social media brings the ability for people to meet role models See someone that's doing something similar or even just a completely different path but just can can reach out to those people and ask for information and you'd be surprised at how helpful people are willing to be on your your journey when they see that you're willing to put in the work.

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