MrBeast Confirms 'Beast Gaming' League of Legends Team


This is an article from from dadi. Sports it's an interesting one and it's about you know very famous youtuber. Here mr beast. The headline is mr beast confirms beast. Gaming league of legends team is happening. The content creator said the team won't be created until at least after the upcoming season however And so he's tweeted that he wants to own his own league of legends team And the us something in the works and it's not clear in which you know which region or anything like that but It's funny he says since his initial post industry voices raisch ranging from tsm to fanatic co saint matthews have reached out and expressed interest in collaborating with the creator was nearly forty six million subscribers on his main youtube channel right so we've talked a lot about celebrities going and starting sports teams right We have david beckham with guild and you have a bunch of nba stars who have all invested this is. This is a pure youtuber right. This is a guy was businesses digital content right now to begin with and wants to go by any sports team. Driest if you guys see this as a new i don't want to call it a trend but as a new kind of occurrence any sports something that we should be paying attention to. Because it's a first or if you think this is just more of the same like this is no different than a david beckham going and starting sports. I'm curious if you guys are looking at this as a unique occurrence or is just more of what's been happening lindsay ugo i. I don't want to jump down this one. What do you think i to be a paul thought. 'cause you have the most feelings about celebrities in the east space so now that it's a gaming celebrities at different so he's not really a gaming celebrity right duke celebrity. Get but he gave to. There's a simple reason why i like this better right. The guy has forty six million captive eyeballs. Right when this is your starting point. Yeah and and and and it hasn't like david beckham. They had to pay him twenty million dollars for whatever eyeballs he brought to the table. Right mr beast here is bringing his own. Eyeballs is forty. Six million. Which i'm guessing is bigger than anything. David beckham brings to the table in a in a medium. He understands right video digital entertainment. Like this is something. He's been very successful at. I like this right. Like i kind of like mr bean. Mr beast should be mr beast as a league of legends team owner. Right to me it. It makes more sense. David beckham has sixty five million instagram followers. Does he really cook. Oh k lindsay dropping. The i know real celebrity like the main. Yeah in my world. Mr is more important than they. David beckham paul. I don't think i disagree with you here. I think this makes a ton of sense. He's like the value like it's an eyeballs business. He's known how to drive eyeballs. You know the the only risk is that top list and how many organizations were hybrids or pure performance. Right like it's not just a matter like unless is going to be a faze clan and a game like league it's very cutthroat performance does matter more than other things like it's not a slam dunk that just because the guy knows how to make youtube videos. He can assemble a top roster and have them when things and that is going to be important. I also suspect this guy is smart enough to partner with people who know how to do that. Plain and simple. You know what i mean.

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