Fastest Way to Lose Your Zoom Audience


When it comes to sound quality i mean i even saw this on american idol. Somebody was doing their little spiel in a stairwell. And it had this fishbowl effect. Well what what should we be focusing on on sound quality. Well it's interesting because people are more apt to let go of the video not being perfect if it was grainy or the lighting wasn't just perfect but the second the audio is off and we can't even hear what it is that the other person's saying we start to two now. So you're right. That would be a stairwell would be The worst choice for I guess second to being underwater for a zoom or video broadcasts right and what we what we should really do is experiment with either. The the headphones that came with your phone or A little microphone. They sell all sorts of external microphones. Whether it's your computer or your ipad or your phone that really can make it. Sound much warmer or richer. I'm staring across the room. I have a fancy microphone. That looks like a johnny carson type. Microphone with the little angle. And i have a little clip on microphone which i often use and right now. I'm using airpods. Which i put into my ears and even before we started i said you which what does this sound. Good this better this way or that way and we go with what works best so yeah audio. Sound quality is very very important. If you lose that you lose people altogether

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