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And partner at a marketing agency will actually to marketing agencies under the same roof when it's called inbound junction. Still active in historically into the bbc asked base. I'm a marketer for about more than ten years in the b. two b. safe-space which is very big in israel of work tel aviv based agency and about four five years ago we were getting pretty big fintech space and some are bigger and better partners in israel talks about about the growing space into my partners very early investors and bitcoin lost a lot of money in mccormack's ended just kind of opened a sister agency called market across and started working with projects. We were very active. In the seal boom downs of jean-ann we've matured with industry today. We are a full stack marketing agency working with a lot of big macs. How does marketing. How does marketing. For blockchain and crypto. How does that differ. 'cause said you're kind of doing both sides you have under one roof. How what's the. What's the core. Differences remark integration question. I would say lease the first generation of projects that i was part of thousands of so there. I always say that i think blockchain is over. Pr and marketed. Because there were actual products it was more of misstatements ideas and most of these eight based protocols again you know. You don't have a big city on the website of sign up or purchase. Or whatever. So very different from classical. I would say. Vw marketing which has literally a conversion point. Put something in relics alright optimizing towards a funnel or something like that. So i would think that that is the most core core difference between product marketing and more i would say branding and marketing and maybe even assisting fundraising style marketing. That's i think the core difference. And i think the other one would be today about. There's just so much charity very fast. So when you go to the other part which our product will be a wallet in exchange. Whatever you have environments where there's fifty or sixty comes king in two three years and it's so hard to differentiate especially for a marketer to try convey that message so i think that's how it this is so new and it kind of there. There are some leaders in some spots in the sphere. But but still. Is that a big issue. This this problem differentiation. Where we're as a marketer. You have to single out. You know you're trying to take your client and say this is why they're different but is the customer. The customer base even knowledgeable enough about about the technology that you could differentiate easily here. That's a that's a great question. So let's different you between i would say Based protocols and technology and then products like exchangeable so when people who come to us again mostly developers or developers in the blockchain space are very very techy. Maybe don't come from a business or marketing background. They'll come to us and say oh you know my network goes to eleven speed or whatever and you're in me as a marketer i'm gonna say right but what's on the block you know how many people transactions are actually processing so in. That's a. that's a big gap between when people want to sell the technical capabilities and want to say all right the me as a marketer pr person at least today people much more wanna see about adoption. So that's like. I think i'm the tech level where you need to go and say all right you're not gonna talk about triple charting. Whatever because that's not really the main thing had to bring that chored usable business use case and when it comes to product marketing and it's also a bit together. I think it's kind of like schilling. Is is great outside but when sit inside the strategy. That doesn't look right. there's a lot of exchanges. What's different about this other than you know. Argos secrete the easiest platform okay. Great but right now in other space would you giving people what's different in. How do you play on. That really executive could be the non. Kyc concept could be the fiat pairings. It could be a really good mobile interface. But we're in that place already. Were ordinary place where people are discussing that not just stating we're going to build a the nicest exchange so I think we're an industry. That's moving in the marketing. Space from wall want will ken to like our is in doing. So that's for me like my biggest mission with my clients. It's really trip. Notch it down from the potential to what's actually

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