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Keeping tropical plants. Happy in the average home is not the easiest thing so many of us resort to things like humidifiers in an attempt to keep that humidity up but in recent years. Lots of gross have been turning to the jillian swedish superstar kia for a solution to their problem turning book standard glass cabinets into beautiful indoor greenhouses for their precious plants. So how did this trend begin. What benefits can it. And how do you go about doing it. My cabinet ministers for today to canadian plonk growers cami and vinnie both of whom have tons of expertise in making awesome ikea cabinets. He is cammy. Who's cami plants on instagram. To explain how she first came across the concept. The first time i saw it was Instagram page in By robin and she used to have this wonderful idea set up where she had to a male. Spo cabinet in fabric four cabinet and it looks really nice In i had like one of those plastic greenhouses where i kept my more rare plants in iraq. Like the idea of having something that will showcase the plants and and looked nice in a room but also help with To preserve the environment that they need to thrive so that. That's where i found that. I founded in instagram. Maybe a year and a half ago or so and also found my friend vinnie. Who had his set up all sorted and we actually met. Because i started setting up mine Through instagram and he was showing me Tips and to do it. And that's how we connected mills boat and fabric as i key products. The names seemed to come out of nowhere. But if you've ever seen an instagram post with a cabinet with glass doors and walls and a metal frame and a fair number of arrowheads stuffed inside. Then the likelihood is it's probably one of these items because they are sold in their millions all around the world but what did these cabinets offer. The makes them so much better than well set of shelves. Cammie believes it's all down to the control. They give you over the volume of your plants. We all are getting into this expensive rare plants right now and in order to keep them a thriving. We have to keep their environment to a certain standard. Right humidity lied air circulation. And it's harder to keep that into a perfect level when we are dealing with hundreds of square foot of over home and if you keep the the whole room super humid in our house you know we are prone to mold and things like that so the cabinets are perfect solution that looks nice in our homes and is not like one of those plastic agreeing Houses a weekend by online so it looks aesthetically. Pleasing is easy to rig into something that the plants will like and they're not super expensive because he's i key is something that you can get. You know in a lot of places in the world right now and so. It's accessible is not super expensive and it keeps your plants happy so i think that's why and if your house is already filled with modern furniture with clean lines possibly some of it both my career. Then what bet is display your plants in than a minimalist modern cabinet like mills bu or fabric for his binney for most people. It's because it becomes a statement peace within your home if that makes any sense. Even when i made my first videos i mentioned that that you know you have those amazon. Greenhouses your plastic in your technically better than the greenhouses their meddle in. And you have to hack it so that it can become a greenhouse but they don't look good in your house so i think that is that is the primary factor for most people. They want to put their plans. Some display as part of the decoration of their house instead of just putting it behind some sort of plastic sheet. That people won't be able to see it through. That will look good in their leaving roles. Obviously a social media plays a huge factor. You know as people build more and more is being held in start posting photos voice. Start to see how beautiful they are in. Its sitter in that. I believe this popularity in to of buying even though sometimes they don't even need them they just by because look good. So you've bought your cabinet and assembled it what next can just start sticking plots in it or is there anything else he needs to do. Well given these companies are not specifically designed to contain plants. There are a few little tweaks that you'll need to make before your plants can become ensconced so the first thing that in each fear is the light whether your room has enough light to sustain that them growing or if you do need to bring in those extra lights i would say that if you are going to bring the grow lights definitely invest in girl is there are going to withstand time but also they they have a very good spectrum so that the the lead the plants grow in the right way. I also answered this question you might. Qna somebody was asking me whether a plane could grow with just normal away and that's immune aspira of research in the answer is kinda because the way that plants photos in decides they pretty much the entire visible light spectrum but they really thrive in the. I think it's an a blue in the red type of light which creates purplish late. So that's why you see purple. I going on. However what. I also figure it out. Is that if you're an environment like myself you saw in my room. I work this remark. Gay alday this is my office. If i have purple lights all over here he will affect my vision because the human eye is not supposed to be in that type of light so it actually is problematic for me. So that's why. I decided to go with the white lights. I don't know if they are as good as the purple ones but they also over a very good spectrum for the points.

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