Deep Cuts: Ep. 231



Oppenheimer joined US ever by tablet deputy editor Stephanie Button Neck Hello and editor at large very large Liebowitz. Shalom to all this week. We bring you a conversation with Israeli musician, comedian and actor. Yeah, you're NITZANI. It was recorded a ways back before lots of stuff that happened in the world, and we also bring you an interview that Stephanie did Nama Sheffi from the Jewish food society, and with Josh, Ross topper and Nikki Ross Fetterman of the Russ and daughters appetizing food empire on the work that they're doing feeding hospital workers during the pandemic. To Oso sweet interviews So France it has been a tough week for all of us in America including the three of us, and of course a lot of pain for some more than others, but everyone's at least feeling what's going on? and. We talked a lot about what we're going to do for our show this week last week we'd already scheduled a week off and and we. You know did our best to spend time with our families and reflect and this week I think we really just wanted to get back to the essence of the podcast, which was always that we were going to share with our listeners, whether five of them showed up or many thousands, and we didn't know what it was going to be five years ago. When we started this thing, we're always gonNA show whether listeners the conversations that we were actually having and honestly the conversation that the three of us need to have this week is one where we try to forget about. The troubles of the world and. Just, try to get each other to laugh a little bit and obviously there are

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