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Out what are we talking about today. On the burn. Her really asked actually. This is exciting. Gap gap gap. Can we talked about gaps a lot of gaps. You won't hear those those will be. Expertly edited out and clean. This'll be like four minutes of just solid gold information year. Listen to up first on. Npr bet you kind of like that. Yeah so slick and neat got that secured podcast and well engineered and it's going to be fricken. Wonderful perfect perfect. Lots of lots more project recode. That's coming to a head from honesty about to burst onto the scene. Billings you say. It's really coming into the nice zone dot hasn't done rights street. Yes we are. We have the shade trees ago anyway. That's not a thing Read a interesting and a little rough letter to council difficult for a couple of reasons mostly because i'm dyslexic and very well. That's right but you'll get through it. Somebody might understand it. Somebody who might not. I don't know. I read it out loud talking to my body. Choice my buddy. That's that's exactly right. We got some excellent clips of a council member this week susan's but she thinks might be a question. Good answers from staff real good concise answers from staff coming up did a little bit of election update but everybody knows that went already anyway. So i'm leaving out. We talked about salary for years. City administrator oh your head. Yeah you're stick around for that you have mine. Te'o if you will your king your leisure. His excellency. Eminence is eminence. his grace over about emperor property. He said he worked talk about pay. With the city administrator. Also see what else talk about. Sidewalks a place that no one gives to about sidewalks tackle yellowstone county republicans. They obviously know what's going on. Get their finger on the pulse finger on the pulse. You got national news. We made the national news. Not in a good way. No no that's rare that we make it in a good way. I think that sums it up a real real festival of knowledge today surest carnival of information cifs destruction of fuel delicious pasta salad of learning the crock pot. Full of knowledge. Slowly simmering paying out over time again. It could have been brought to my attention yesterday got it. Hey it's a november fifteenth god. We're halfway through the month. Already november fifteenth twenty twenty feels like november. Third was just like a couple months ago. It's still november third quite a few people's minds second actually in some people's minds couple of hundred people. Maybe this is the variety. Pack of highly. Am stocky and i am not denying. He is not a stout he's award. Three or three are happy. Proud of work ward three. So you got joy into reiki am award winner and show or shah. Galway show ya show ya way. Sounds like a weirdo. Yankovic song it does. This is a local billings montana. Podcast about city government and state government now. Federal government sometimes a quasi-government quasi-judicial. You name it. Sometimes it's about like. I don't know beer or yeah or or caps apps as we call them down here in the plano. Aj sometimes it's about aj. Sure is good news on asia he. He offered me a record the other day and i said no. He offered me a record. He was willing to reduce was collection by one. I didn't know what to say. That's weird so i started crying. I didn't take the record but it's nice to take that next step here. Yeah that's really refreshing gut at a record rehab and he's just on the path to recovery which is nice to hear. Nc it really warms. The heart sure does the caucus hilton. You get rock bottom pretty hard but know whatever you can go. You got some questions. Comments concerns we've got that avenue opening gmail.com. Which is the variety. Pack at dot com. If you want to become a sustaining member of the show as well you can go to. Patriots dot com ports last the friday packet and donate a dollar become a robocop level member. Get some awesome updates and just just wonderful clips. I find from around the internet to chew of episodes which are just nice little nuggets of happiness in a fraught time. Well put certain we are one else around the facebook two point oh which is instagram as well Something happens on there every so often. What else got a couple of emails we sure. Did we got one from a tin foil. Hat conspiracy theorist alex jones type named tom jones ripe and well. We're glad to have longed fantastic. Voyages george clinton what say exactly up and the people got one from me and some inception levels stuff. You've got a good the to myself. And i said i just sent this to you as note but i wish we had a tally of how many times frank you all has asked we get no bids on vehicles from local dealerships. That has to be at least ten every single time. That's one of. Frankie wall was a war to you know representative. Yeah says to the right of roy niece if he were in council chambers but now he's on the tv both politically and figuratively physically. Yeah it's one of his favorite things to to bring up just minute details like that Sometimes it goes on the bill. Sometimes he picks

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